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Creature Type Classification: Status

New Creature Type Classification: Status

Normally a creature’s types can be classified as race and class. I propose a third classification: status. Status is appended after race and class on the type line.

List of Statuses
Here are some statuses for this proposal:

  • Leader — leads or governs a group of beings, usually grants bonuses to the people they lead
  • Noble — elite with high social, political, or economic standing
  • Master — expert with extraordinary skill, knowledge, or wisdom
  • Rebel — member of faction opposed to the current government or leadership
  • Ally — member of a band of adventurers
  • Zombie — a condition granted to beings returned from the graveyard
  • Survivor — survives a catastrophe. possibly recurring ability
  • Elder — currently only used for special dragon legends


Goblin Warchief becomes Goblin Warrior Leader
Leaping Master becomes Human Monk Master

Sample card based on Figure of Destiny:

Figure of Mastery

Creature – Merfolk
: ~ becomes a 2/2 Merfolk Wizard.
: If ~ is a Wizard, it becomes a 4/4 Merfolk Wizard Master with hexproof.
: If ~ is a Master, it becomes an 8/8 Merfolk Wizard Master Avatar with hexproof and trample.