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12 Jungian Archetypes

Mind Body Soul
Intro Innocent Warrior Companion
Freedom Rebel Explorer Jester
Magician Caregiver Lover
Order Sage Creator Ruler

The 12 Common Archetypes were conceived by Carl Jung to describe the common personalities and drives in all people.

This table attempts the fit them into my trinity mind/body/soul RPG system. This chart can help better define the roles and personalities of NPCs in the story.

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MBS 27 Domains Chart

Data Space Emotion BODY
Program Time Sound SOUL
BODY Change Metal Group MIND
Atom Matter Entropy BODY
Man Earth Life SOUL
SOUL Logic Force Air MIND
Art Electromagnet Fire BODY
Morality Radiance Spirit SOUL

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Conscript: The Game

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I am developing a new video game called Conscript. Conscript is a 2D tactical RPG for the desktop and mobile browsers that uses stable HTML5 and Phaser framework to allow players to control armies in a war against other empires for control of the world and for control of lost ancient powerful technology and magic. It is heavily inspired by the great Sega Genesis console classic, Warsong. The captivating story and unforgettable characters are revealed through scenarios, where each side controls dozens of units per scenario, divided into commanders and their troops. You must keep your commanders alive while eliminating cunning, formidabble opposing forces. In addition, Conscript also blends in a new twist that enhances strategy even more while remaining true to the Warsong lineage.

Key features:

  • Send hundreds and thousands of troops into massive battles against equally huge opposing forces.
  • Watch as armies clash in riveting combat scenes.
  • Commanders can gain experience and even be promoted into stronger types of commanders.
  • Commanders can hire up to nine different types of troops (such as soldiers, elementals, and angels).
  • Unearth and purchase strong weapons and items, and cast powerful, devastating magic.
  • A new constructed language and unique writing system to enhance gameplay and immersion.

Conscript is a double entendre. The familiar definition means being drafted into the army. In this game, you control many, many pieces of troops--altogether it may add up to several hundreds of thousands over the course of the game. The second meaning is an abbreviation for constructed scripture, hence con-script. I have created a writing system for use in my games. It's called Liyahu and is based on the trinity concepts of mind, body, and soul. I will use both this script and the trinity concept in this game. Hence, I feel the name is very appropriate, yet not cheesy (my first title idea was Ruins of Runes; perhaps it can a be subtitle.)

The game will be developed in HTML5 using the Phaser framework. It can be played on any platform via a web browser and works with any type of input controls, including keyboard, mouse, touch, and game controller.

I will continue to update my progress on this game here on this blog.