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MTG Utilities: Mana

The code for inserting mana symbols is [ mana]cost[/mana]. Put the entire cost inside. Hybrid halves and Phyrexian mana should be separated by a slash '/', in any order. Use '2' for monocolor hybrid and 'p' for Phyrexian. Tribrid and hybrid-phyrexian use three letters divided by two slashes; the letters can be put in any order. Put a semicolon between the numbers if there are two consecutively, but want them to show up separately.

These are the valid letters, numbers, and hybrids and tribrids that can be used within the mana tags:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
b c e g h i p q r s t u w x y z
w/u u/w u/b b/u b/r r/b r/g g/r w/b b/w u/r r/u b/g g/b r/w w/r g/u u/g
2/w w/2 2/u u/2 2/b b/2 2/r r/2 2/g g/2
p/w w/p p/u u/p p/b b/p p/r r/p p/g g/p
p/w/u p/w/b p/u/b p/u/r p/b/r p/b/g p/r/g p/r/w p/g/w p/g/u
b/u/w r/b/w r/b/u g/r/u g/r/b w/g/b w/g/r u/w/r u/w/g b/u/g

and their corresponding symbols:

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MTG Utilities: Overview

MTG Utilities is a plugin for WordPress that consists of three major functions to assist and enhance your blog:

  • Card links and images, using [ card ] [ /card ]
  • Deck lists, using [ deck ] [ /deck ]
  • Mana symbols, using [ mana ] [ /mana ]

Last updated 2022-04-01 v2.2
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Default URL to card database query:
Default URL to card image query:

For more information, instructions, and examples about the MTG Utilities plugin for WordPress, please read the following posts:

MTG Utilities: Making of a WordPress Plugin

Since this is a blog, I shall blog about the process of the creation of a WordPress plugin that provides basic utilities for Magic: the Gathering blogs (such as the one you're reading now). This plugin I shall dub "MTG Utilities". There are a few MTG plugins out there and together they seem to work fine. But I want a single plugin that provides what I need and it should be somewhat customizable and flexible. The main code will be ported from my mod I made for Simple Machines forums.

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