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Counterproductive Forced Diversity

Fantasy, long before forced diversity was preached, was more interesting because the resultant diversity was limitless--anything was possible, yet natural and fluid.

Unfortunately, with forced diversity, now there are restrictions to diversity, to fantasy, to imagination. These diversity advocates put in rules to how diverse or not your characters are. So when you see something out of the norm, you'll be more nonchalant and think "okay so that's the quota used here"; instead of just appreciating the fantasy, the creativity, the uniqueness of characters that go deeper than skin and race. After forced diversity, creators focus too much about tangible, visible, shallow traits.

GTA V Boycotted

I remember when prohibition stopped people from drinking alcohol. The War on Drugs stopped people from using drugs. Prison stopped people from doing illegal stuff. Oh wait, that never happened because suppression never works.

I also remember when GTA V sold a record 30 million copies, and afterward there were 30 million cases of domestic violence. Oh wait, that never happened either. Because normal people don't go out and do stupid shit just because they can do them in games.

However, what this hypocritical and delusional moral panic censorship against games does harm is the freedom of expression of our most valued human creativity and imagination. Human civilization has gotten this far because of our power to imagine and invent and create. Now you're telling artists and creators that they have to curb their imagination, curb their creativity, follow the herd. You're telling creators and gamers that their choices of games and entertainment will be dictated by authoritarian moral police. You're telling people that only a privileged committee can tell them what is fun and appropriate and what is not.

Despite the fact that numerous studies have claimed games DO NOT cause actual acts of violence or crime, no matter how violent the games were.

Please DO NOT give in to people with their own insecurities and try to project their own complexes onto other people. DO NOT give in to people who suppress HARMLESS creativity and imagination and entertainment. If people have problems distinguishing harmless entertainment and reality, have them seek professional help (such as the people who created the original petition to boycott this game). Nothing is gained by censorship and suppression of thought, however valuable human rights and inventions will be lost and forfeited if censorship and book burning is allowed to run rampant.