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Arguments for keeping Chinese writing system

I despise the impulse of foreigners and even some natives trying to change Chinese writing, such as into alphabet or other fully phonetic writing system. For the sake of ease of learning, but that means giving up legibility.

Let me ask people 2 questions.

1. Many languages use Latin alphabet. But can they read each others languages? That is, can an English person read German and vice versa? Can a Spanish person read French and vice versa?

Furthermore can English and Russian read each other's writing? That is, why do we need more than one alphabet when they're all functionally the same?

Counter-argument: Mandarin and Cantonese speaking people can understand each other through common Chinese writing (Hanzi).

2. Can a layman (an average person) in Europe read and understand ancient and classical texts from 500 years, 1000 years, or even 2000 years ago? That is without special or intense courses. For example, can an average European understand ancient Roman documents and writings?

Counter-argument: Modern Chinese people can read and understand most books and poems written in classical Chinese from 2000 years ago without special training.
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History CCG: Conflict Resolution

To make things more interesting, I thought about ways to resolve certain actions and conflicts in a CCG. Doomtown uses poker hands to resolve duels between players. Dark Age uses dice. Magic has some minigame mechanics like clash that look at the top card of your deck. So I also wanted to use these techniques in History instead of straight comparison of static values printed on the cards.

Static values make things too predictable and usually reduces your options and even stalls the board. In Magic, even just a single defender can stall an entire attack if your creatures are smaller than the defender. In other games, especially in multiplayer, a board state with many cards in play makes players hesitant to attack for fear of retaliation and being ganged up on. Hopefully, by introducing some controlled randomization, we can prevent stalled board states while raising the tension of every conflict.

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A new CCG idea: History

A CCG (customizable card game) in the civilization / 4x genre has been in my mind for quite a while. It seemed an obvious genre, since it's pretty popular as board games and video games. Yet there is absolutely zero CCGs about building up civilizations, researching techs, exploring new lands, and conquering your opponents' cities.

Spurred by someone's suggestion to make my own card game, I will attempt to create a new CCG from the ground up. This blog will witness the progress of the design and development of a brand new genre's foray into the fantasy-dominated CCG market. The working name of this CCG is "History".