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Heros Born : Chapter 1

Chapter 1: First Encounter

It wasn't unusual for a mankin to fall in love with a mutant.

Guyver stared giddily at Hansy. "She's so damn cute. I can stare at her flawless baby face forever."

The school bell had already rung. Yet he stayed mesmerized within his daydream, unperturbed by the alarm. Until she patted his shoulder.

"Let's go," she called to him. Her sweet voice lured him out of his addle. He wanted nothing more than to follow by her side -- whether the heavens shattered and the earth split.

They (along with all the other students) packed up their textbooks and writing utensils, eager to leave the classroom after another day of seemingly endless lectures. The large students -- mostly monsters, milforms, and mythics -- left through the large doorway. The classroom also had a smaller door for the smaller races, such as mankins, memechs, and mutants. Guyver followed Hansy down the aisle between the desks toward the smaller exit, where Tiffa and Almega were waiting for them.

Tiffa said, "Come on. What's the holdup? Guyver daydreaming again?"

He wanted to say, "I was dreaming about your mom." Instead, he just shrugged.

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Counterproductive Forced Diversity

Fantasy, long before forced diversity was preached, was more interesting because the resultant diversity was limitless--anything was possible, yet natural and fluid.

Unfortunately, with forced diversity, now there are restrictions to diversity, to fantasy, to imagination. These diversity advocates put in rules to how diverse or not your characters are. So when you see something out of the norm, you'll be more nonchalant and think "okay so that's the quota used here"; instead of just appreciating the fantasy, the creativity, the uniqueness of characters that go deeper than skin and race. After forced diversity, creators focus too much about tangible, visible, shallow traits.