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Fundamental Flaw of Civilization 5 & 6

Fundamental Flaw of Civilization 5 & 6

My insight on why Civ 5 & 6 are boring and shallow games as first posted on Civ Fanatics.

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These arguments about units per tile really miss the real fundamental flaw with Civ 5 and 6: lack of city micromanagement. Once they removed attention from the cities, all you're left with is unit simulator. That would exacerbate any unit/tile system flaws.

In older games, including 1-4 and Civ Rev, I would give so much care and attention to my cities. Every turn I would fret if they have enough yields and the right amount. Whether I should have extra food or extra production. This seemingly minute dilemma made a huge impact on how much I care about my cities and my civ.

Unfortunately, they essentially removed all city management from 5 and 6. So that I no longer care about my cities, what their output is, what tiles surround them, etc. I used to spend over half the turn in the city screen in older games; now they're just bothersome reminders. I just don't feel the connections with my cities anymore. They've become sideshows to the tedious shuffling of units. 99.99% of the turn is wasted shuffling units like they're so fragile and be stepped over.
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A new CCG idea: History

A CCG (customizable card game) in the civilization / 4x genre has been in my mind for quite a while. It seemed an obvious genre, since it's pretty popular as board games and video games. Yet there is absolutely zero CCGs about building up civilizations, researching techs, exploring new lands, and conquering your opponents' cities.

Spurred by someone's suggestion to make my own card game, I will attempt to create a new CCG from the ground up. This blog will witness the progress of the design and development of a brand new genre's foray into the fantasy-dominated CCG market. The working name of this CCG is "History".