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New Vogon Deco frames

The new Vogon Deco frames are now available on the Shena'Fu's Card Creator.

The symbols appear quite large, like some other CCGs. Vogon Deco is great frame if your CCG or card uses a lot of symbols. You can put even more (smaller) icons in the extra bar (which behaves like rules, so use rules syntax.)

In Vogon Deco, the P/T now also acts like Mana Cost. Use Mana Cost and P/T to display symbols in fixed positions on the card. Use space in Mana Cost or P/T to levae a position blank and advance to the next position. Mana Cost surrounds the art; P/T surrounds the rules.

Recommend you utilize Custom Mana to use your own symbols.

Even for Magic, you can use icons for evergreen keywords, like flying, haste, trample, etc.

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