On offensiveness and censorship

My response to Wizards of the Coast taking down a comic done long time ago in light of recent misfortunes.

Being offended is the new form of implicit censorship. Since it's illegal and unconstitutional to pass laws of explicit censorship, the cultural marxists, authoritarians, and self-righteous busybodies like to force and impose self-censorship onto others, thereby bypassing any hurdles and headaches of legal and government systems. Such tactics also pervades into private and personal communications and expressions, and allows them to control speech, writing, conversations, and arts under the guise of sin, trauma, incompassion, and immorality, and now offensiveness.

By the way, Wizards should stop making Magic altogether, since 99% of the cards they make are offensive in some way. Fire and lightning cards? Traumatic to those who have been in fires and hit by lightning. Horror and zombies? Traumatic to those who are afraid of the dark. Island? Traumatic to those who been stranded on a deserted island. Cards about violence and war? Traumatic to war veterans and victims of violence.

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