New Card Creator Features: Transparent and Multiple Images

Two new features for Shena'Fu's Card Creator.

  • A new image manipulation command to turn a color transparent.
  • Image fields can now accept more than one image URL.


To turn a specific color transparent or translucent, use this command:

  • color uses HTML format: 6-hex-digits with leading hash #
  • alpha is float between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0.0 is fully transparent, and 1.0 is fully opaque.

Ex. turn cyan invisible


Multiple Images

All image fields (seticon, typeicon, watermark, overlay, art) may accept multiple images. At the end of the URL, append $$ double dollars before each extra image. Each image can also have their own image manipulation commands. These commands go before the next $$.

Not to be confused with double semicolons ;; that separates each half of a split card. $$ and ;; can work together to provide multiple images to one or both halves.

Ex. two images on top of each other$$

Ex. two guild symbols side by side,r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618

Here we pad images to "push" them to left or right. Then alpha the images.

Ex. each half of a split card gets two different watermarks (total 4 different watermarks),r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618;;,r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618

Sample Images

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