MTG Utilities: Making of a WordPress Plugin

Since this is a blog, I shall blog about the process of the creation of a WordPress plugin that provides basic utilities for Magic: the Gathering blogs (such as the one you're reading now). This plugin I shall dub "MTG Utilities". There are a few MTG plugins out there and together they seem to work fine. But I want a single plugin that provides what I need and it should be somewhat customizable and flexible. The main code will be ported from my mod I made for Simple Machines forums.

Since I started to use WordPress only recently, I searched for tutorials on making plugins. However, most were scant, incomplete, or impractical (WordPress Codex is more confusing than helpful.) Fortunately, I found a great plugin template at Open Source WordPress Plugin Template. This should save me weeks of searching dozens of incomplete articles and piecing together the information which might not even work as intended. Instead, with this template, in a just a few minutes, I can dive right into coding the meat of the plugin and get the plugin out to the public sooner.

That's it for now. The next articles will go into more details and functionalities about the plugin.

Progress Report:
(click spoiler to read my progress.)

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