MBS 27 Domains Chart

Data Space Emotion BODY
Program Time Sound SOUL
BODY Change Metal Group MIND
Atom Matter Entropy BODY
Man Earth Life SOUL
SOUL Logic Force Air MIND
Art Electromagnet Fire BODY
Morality Radiance Spirit SOUL

Each Liyahu letter can be divided into three parts, or houses. Each house is dominated by either mind, body, or soul. Which symbol you put in each house will modify or define that house.

The simplest to explain is the left house, dominated by body. For the domains, this house defines what the domain looks like or how it is manifested. A mind symbol in the body house means it is imaginary or abstract, only an idea. A body symbol means it has matter and can be felt and seen. A soul symbol means it invisible but has energy or force, or gaseous, or related to emotional or spiritual expression.

This method inducted to all domains, by filling every house with different symobls. Each permutation of houses and symbols forms a unique domain.

The most iconic domain is that of Man.

The man has a physical body (body symbol in body house), a heart that can feel various emotions (soul symbol in soul house), and has the capacity for thought and advanced mental faculties (mind symbol in mind house). This domain's graphic is also the icon for the Liyahu language and philosophy.

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