Heros Born : Chapter 1

Chapter 1: First Encounter

It wasn't unusual for a mankin to fall in love with a mutant.

Guyver stared giddily at Hansy. "She's so damn cute. I can stare at her perfect baby-face forever."

The school bell had already rung. Yet he stayed mesmerized within his daydream, unperturbed by the alarm. Until she patted his shoulder.

"Let's go," she called to him. Her sweet voice lured him out of his addle. He wanted nothing more than to follow by her side -- whether heavens shattered and earth split.

They (along with all the other students) packed their packs, eager to depart the classroom after another day of yawn-inducing lectures. The bigger students, mainly monsters, milforms, and mythics, used the large doorway. The classroom also had a smaller, less crowded door for the smaller races, such as mankins, memechs, and mutants. Guyver followed Hansy down the aisle between the desks toward the smaller exit, where Tiffa and Almega were waiting for them.

Tiffa said, "Come on. What took you so long? Guyver daydreaming again?"

He wanted to say, "I was dreaming about your mom." Instead he just shrugged.

Hansy polled the group. "Ready?"

They replied in unison. "Yep."

Tiffa, with her long legs, hastily strode ahead of the group. Almega, a few inches taller than her, kept pace with her. While the two shorter friends lagged behind.

They walked out of the school wing, across the main schoolyard, past the front gate, and onto the main road. Then they veered onto a trail toward the park. After a some time, they arrived at their secret spot. A clearing deep within the woods, far from the din of city noise. Nigh absolute tranquility, notwithstanding the rejuvenating sounds of nature.

Tiffa got impatient as usual. "Put down our packs, and get down to business. The play is next week."

Guyver Ironwood wasn't much into acting. He only took drama class in order to spend more time with Hansy'Dol. She aspired to be an actress and singer someday. Tiffa Steelchest didn't really care what class, as long as she got to hang out with her best friends. As for Almega, he just wanted to understand why this acting thing so captivated his friends. Moreover, he observed that this clique was quite interesting and had great potential -- being around them was worth his time. Regardless, they all needed to choose an elective class as a requirement for graduation, and drama class gave them an opportunity to stay and work together.

They rehearsed -- half serious, half frolicking -- nigh til the last ray of sunlight. Until they reached the final scene of their play.

Hansy wailed. "Oh Romero, wherefore art thou still sleeping?"

Guyver laid lifeless on her lap. In her grieving, she held him tightly against her bosom. He could hardly breathe, smothered against her perky breasts. Fortunately his nostrils got some breathing room: tucked between her gaping cleavage.

Hansy then picked up the knife and stabbed her own stomach. Fresh blood, as red and as real as rubies, poured forth from her lacerated flesh. Yet no one was alarmed by the copious flowing of blood.

"To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream… evermore."

She moaned in pain and in heartache. Then she laid still and lifeless beside her torpid lover.

Tiffa hammed, "No, my dear Junelet! What have we done!? Our family feud had driven our goslings to their demise."

Almega emoted, "Lady Capiche, let us end this feud. That brought only blood and death and misery. Worst of all, to the beloved fruits of our loins."

Then Lady Capiche and Lord Mandrake embraced, in depression and consolation. Almega could feel Tiffa's warm, hefty titties pressed against his cool chest.

Suddenly, someone thundered from a distance. "Bravo!"

Surprised, the party swiveled their heads every which direction, but failed to detect the interjector amid the dense thicket and dying daylight.

Tiffa dared the stranger. "Who's there? Show your face, you coward!"

Almega alerted the play-dead lovers. "Guys, no time to be lying around."

Guyver removed himself from Hansy's lap, and attempted to scan their surroundings. While she sat up and concentrated on healing her wound. The bleeding stopped and the incision sealed itself without a scar.

Hansy said, "Don't incite them, Tiffa."

No sooner had she finished her sentence, that a tall semi truck sped toward them. Almega was able to sense it just in time. He harnessed the remaining ticks of daylight, and projected that at the incoming truck, slowing it down to a screeching halt. The sky turned dark immediately.

The truck's headlights turned on, blinding the party. Several figures alighted the truck, whose silhouettes the party could faintly see against the glare. One of them, emerging from the back of the truck, seemed gigantic.

Their leader said, "Seems we found an orgy of thespians. Unfortunately I don't remember you paying us a toll to practice here."

Tiffa said, "We were here first."

Their leader said, "It's not about first or last. We control this area, and we decide who gets to stay."

Tiffa said, "Go away, troll. We're not paying you any toll."

Hansy said, "Please, we don't want any trouble."

The troll said, "Well, we do. Now you'll pay a toll, or face trouble. Choose wisely."

He snapped his fingers. The giant mutant stomped forward; the ground shook with every step. At the troll's other side, an octopus, donning an aquarium around her entire head, also stepped forward.

She shrilled, "Ugly, want me to make them get on their knees and beg for mercy?"

Hansy consulted with Guyver. "What should we do?"

He rummaged through his pack and pulled out some gear. First, upon donning a scholar's cap upon his dome, his mental clarity elevated tenfold. He also armed himself with a state-of-the-art tablet.

Guyver expeditiously entered everyone's attributes and skillsets into an app. It analyzed everyone's strengths and weaknesses, including his opponents. In mere moments, Guyver absorbed all this data and formed a strategy. He relayed it to the rest of his party.

"Tiffa, can you grow as big as the giant and take him down?"

"Got it. But I think he's still a bit taller and bigger."

Tiffa activated her juggernaut module. The six-foot-tall memech girl suddenly grew to eight feet tall. An armor of titanium now enclosed her entire body. Now she feels as tough as the surrounding mountains. Yet the giant was still a foot taller and broader than her. But she had something that were proudly larger than his: those magnificent boobs.

"Almega, can you give us a speed boost, while slowing down the truck?"

"I'm right on it."

Almega, a demigod mythic, channeled the forces of father time. He may seemed like doing nothing, just standing still. Certainly, continuously controlling chronological causes consumed complete concentration. The truck's top speed dropped down to half its normal maximum. Meanwhile the party's agility and reaction time doubled, improving their chances to avoid being run over by the truck.

"Hansy, how much life do you have left, after you stabbed yourself?"

"I'm about 70%."

"Be advised that the troll mutant can regenerate his life. So you keep siphoning his life, while I keep reducing his max life."

Hansy focused inwardly, intensively. Instantly her hands and eyes began to glow bloody red. Any lifeform touched by her sanguine hands shall be drained of their lifeforce. The latter would flow into her – a haemi mutant – thus healing herself of any wounds or injuries.

That left the octopus girl.

"The pussyhead is probably a monster with psychic powers. I'll buff our willpower to improve resistance against her mental attacks."

Guyver urgently pushed some buttons on his tablet, altering the data which he inputted earlier. The party members felt a tingle upon his alterations taking effect.

"Here they come!"

The truck milform revved a few times before charging at full speed at the party. Fortunately her speed was already reduced significantly by Almega. The members leaped or darted out of the way. Tiffa sidestepped from the truck's path. Regained her stance, she landed a mighty punch at the side of the truck, causing the truck to topple over. Her wheels spun haplessly in the air.

The giant ambushed Tiffa from behind. Luckily with Almega's speed boost, she dodge-rolled away from his assault. She deftly spun around to face him.

Disturbing noises emanated from the octopus girl's direction. The strange sounds penetrated the party members' eardrums, affecting their concentration. Even though Guyver previously raised their willpower, residual effects still overpowered their resistances.

Guyver said, "Almega, can you slow down the sound waves?"

By altering the speed of the sound and its frequency, the noises became more bearable.

He needed to find the correct resonance that could shatter the pussyhead's glass helmet. By pointing the tablet at her head and pinging it, he retrieved packets of data about the glass's properties.

"Get the sounds to 400Hz."

At the same time, he played notes at the same frequency from the tablet nonstop, at maximum volume. Together with the octopus' own sounds, altered by Almega, the noise amplified and reflected back at her. The glass around her head started to vibrate intensely, and soon shattered. The glass shards, and the water it once held, shed from her head. Dehydrated, the octopus girl panicked and fled.

Now only the troll and the giant remain. Hansy and the troll were engaged in a deadlock. Both could heal any damage that would be dealt by the other.

On the other match-up, Tiffa and the giant had been trading blows. Her tit-armor absorbed much of the impact from the giant's powerful attacks. Nonetheless, her stamina wanes every moment the fight persists.

Guyver wanted to assist Tiffa, but that plan would require Hansy's abilities. Hence they needed to dispatch the troll posthaste.

"Almega, please slow down the giant to the fullest. I'll help take down the troll."

Enacting his earlier strategy against the troll, Guyver re-tabulated the data on his tablet. After every pulse, the troll seemed to weaken. His maximum lifeforce dwindled, diminishing his capacity to regenerate. Meanwhile Hansy continued to siphon away his life. Until finally the troll's lifeforce completely drained. His flaccid mass flopped.

The troll now wasted, Guyver led Hansy over to the fight against the giant. Although Almega tried to slow down the giant, alas it was not very effective, given its immense mass.

Guyver now revealed his strategy to defeat the giant. "Tiffa and Almega, try to hold the giant in place. Hansy, transfer the giant's lifeforce to Tiffa."

Almega continued to maintain the most potent slow debuff he knows on the giant. Tiffa, thoroughly exhausted, gave all her efforts to grapple the retarded giant onto the ground. Then Hansy must touch both Tiffa and the giant simultaneously. Having found a good spot, she siphoned the lifeforce from the giant, and pumped the excess into Tiffa. Her stamina resurged. Each moment, she felt stronger as the giant got weaker. Finally the giant became lifeless.

The party sighed a relief after a tough fight.

Hansy was prudent as always. "We shouldn't tarry any longer."

They hurriedly picked up their packs, and dashed away from the scene. However, three members could not catch up to Tiffa's enormous strides.

"Tiffa, wait for us."

"Why are you guys way back there?" She stopped and waited for them to catch up.

Hansy, the shortest and slowest of the bunch, pouted. "You're way taller than us. It's not fair."

Tiffa got a bright idea, for once. "Hop on. I'll give you a ride."

She picked up Hansy, and placed the latter on the back of her own neck.

"What about us?" the boys said.

Tiffa enlarged her already huge breasts even more. She picked up the boys per hand, then sat them atop her gigantic breasts.

"Hold on!"

She guffawed and giggled as she sprinted out of the woods. In contrast, her three buddies screamed in terror on the makeshift carnival ride.

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