Democrat Party is Results Oriented, Thus Misguided

In recent decades, after suffering concussive losses of the Presidency to the Republicans, a few states led by Democrat party majority have formed a coalition to abolish the electoral college. This supports my theory of results oriented vs process oriented thinking. Whereby Democrats/progressives are results oriented and Republicans/conservatives are process oriented. Results oriented is basically using whatever means necessary to achieve a result. The fatal flaw of results oriented is thinking only about a specific result, and neglecting all other results that are equally probable. In this case, Democrats are expecting that dissolving electoral college will help their party because of past results. That's another flaw of results oriented--each future incident does not necessarily follow from previous incidents.

For instance, in roulette, past results have zero impact on the future results. If black comes up 5 times in a row, results oriented would blindly believe that black will have higher chances of appearing on the 6th try. So they double down on the next try. That's a huge fallacy and bad strategy.

In this case, as Tim Pool explains in this video, the Democrats have blindly believed that they can win by popular vote--like they have in the past--if only the electoral college were eliminated. What their tunnel vision missed is that when the rules change, the voters and candidates will also change their voting and campaign behaviors. When rules change, the advantage actually goes to process oriented thinkers because a pillar of process oriented thinking is consistency and adaptability.

To that effect, results oriented strategy was also why Democrats lost 2016 election. The result they wanted was to brute force Hillary Clinton as the major candidate in the general elections, while strong-arming all other valid Democrat candidates aside--including populist favorite Bernie Sanders, whom some have predicted had a better chance to beat Donald Trump. This would involve an unprecedented amount of unethical cheating, collusion, and collateral damage to the voting process. Which is not surprising, due to a pillar of results oriented thinking being "the ends justify the means".

In short, the rules don't really matter to results oriented thinkers, as long as the intended result is achieved. If electoral college were eliminated, expect even more illegal votes by the Democrat (cheating) party. In response, should popular vote replace electoral college, expect conservatives to push even more heavily to pass voter ID.

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