Conscript: DEMO

This is the setup for the demo level of Conscript.

Scenario Demo
Dionys’ Excavation Magnum Opus
Renowned archaeologist Dionys uncovers a great ruin of a powerful ancient race. This important site could hold the secrets to the lost race’s sources of power. Daaidei Empire sends some troops to protect him and the site. Ngaakyan Empire finds out and sends a battalion to take over the site. Daaidei sends reinforcements, but is it too late?
Victory: Defeat all enemy units.
Failure: Dionys dies.

T = tier, L = level
Player controlled units:
T1 Archaeologist L3 – Golems – Dionys
T1 Lieutenant L5 – Pikemen – Javier
T1 Combat Engineer L3 – Mechans – Barrett
Reinforcements (not player controlled):
Turn 10
T2 Knight L2 – Horsemen – Waiman (female)
T1 Mountie L6 – Horsemen – Haem (female)

Enemy units:
T2 Wizard L2 – Djinns – 1st Commander
T1 Witch L1 – Succubus – 2nd Commander (female)
T1 Fighter L4 – Soldiers – 3rd Commander
T1 Fighter L1 – Soldiers – 4th Commander

Vogon Blade – +2 AT, +2 DF

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