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Tiffany Lau

Tiffany Lau

Miss Hong Kong 2016 1st-runner up & Miss Photogenic

Damn it was love at first sight when I saw her during the 2016 Miss Hong Kong pageant on TVB. Out of all of dozens of contestants, she was the only one that stood out for me. She just has this shining aura of beauty and magnetism that makes my eyes glued to her. Probably the last time I went this head-over-heels for HK celebrity is Kate Tsui, winner of 2004 Miss Hong Kong & Miss Photogenic.

Tiffany was only 19 when she ran in the beauty pageant, so she has a lot of potential in the upcoming years. She is already heavily favored by the TV station and gets many opportunities to appear on screen as host, variety personality, and actress. I very much look forward to many years of her development, appearances, and popularity.

Tiffany constantly updates her social media news. You can follow her at Instagram and Facebook