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Pet Interface[edit]

Ranger Pet Interface showing health and command buttons.

At level 5, rangers will unlock the pet interface, which provides the ranger with some control over the actions of their pet. The pet's health bar is shown in red just above the ranger's skill bar.

F1 Attack My Target.png Attack My Target — commands the pet to attack the currently selected target.
F2 Skill.png Beast skill — commands the pet to use their Beast skill.
F3 Return to Me.png Return to Me — calls the pet back to the ranger.
Guard.png Guard — instructs the pet to attack foes the ranger attacks, or foes that attack the ranger.
Redirect Arrow.pngAvoid Combat.png Avoid Combat — instructs the pet to avoid combat, the pet won't defend the ranger from foes that attack them, and will only attack targets if manually commanded to do so with Attack My Target.
Stow Pet.png Stow Pet — temporarily hides the pet, disabling all other commands. Cannot be used during combat.
Redirect Arrow.pngActivate Pet.png Activate Pet — reactivates the pet. Automatically activates when entering combat.
F4 Weapon Swap Button.png Swap pets - swaps the pet being used with the other pet selected in the Pet Management panel.