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[KARA] 5 suit playing cards = KARDS

Started by Den, 2011-Apr-26 22:09

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Inspired by 5-member Legendary Super Girl group KARA from South Korea, I created a 60-card deck of playing cards consisting of 5 suits and 12 ranks.

The 5 suits are:
  • Gyuri's gold mirror
  • Seungyeon's blue hedgehog
  • Nicole's black drumstick
  • Hara's red heart
  • Jiyoung's green Q-tip

The 12 ranks are:
  • 2 to 8
  • 女, 王, 后, 神 (four pretty girls, in ascending order)

Play KARA 5 card games, such as Poker, Lupin, and Green Queen, at KARA 5 KANVAS (requires HTML5 browser).

Also available as an Android app: KARA 5 Poker.
or scan QR code:

Play KARA 5 Elements on Android (solitaire game that won't work with 4-suited decks.)

Sample Poker Hand using KARDS (changes every hour):


Idol  suit
Pretty girl  face card
Kamilia  joker
Lupin  trump
poKARA  poker
Ship  pair
2 ship  two pair
Trips  three of a kind
Quads  four of a kind
KARA 5  five of a kind
Mr.  straight
Honey  flush
Mr. Honey  straight flush
Umbrella  full house/boat (upside down boat)
Jump card  runt / no pair / high card
Rider  4 of one suit
Cupid  3 of one suit, 2 of a second suit (hand has only 2 suits)
Mr. Rider, Mr. Cupid
Cupid 2 ship
KARA  one of each idol; can be used as a modifier if a 5-card hand consists of one of each idol
KARA ship  single pair where each idol appears
KARA 2-ship  two pair where each idol appears
KARA Trips  three of a kind where each idol appears
KARA Quads  four of a kind where each idol appears
KARA 5  five of a kind (by definition, each idol must appear)
KARA Mr.  straight where each idol appears
KARA Umbrella  full house where each idol appears

Design concepts:
  • Each idol is distinguished by a different color. Gyuri is gold, Seungyeon blue, Nicole black, Hara red, and Jiyoung green.
  • Idol symbols are tiny faces of that idol or other distinguishing feature. Gyuri is gold mirror, Seungyeon is blue hedgehog, Nicole is black drumstick, Hara is red heart, Jiyoung is green Q-tip.
  • Pretty girl cards (face cards) are depicted by large images of individual members, ideally matching them by same rank. For instance, Goddess cards are taken from Urakara; Queen cards from Lupin; Lady from Wanna.
  • Pips on numeric cards are arranged into the Greek letters that form the words "KARA" and "KAMILIA":
    • 2 = I; 3 = L; 4 = R; 5 = X; 6 = A; 7 = M; 8 = K

Completed games for Android:
KARA 5 PokerPokara was already trademarked
KARA 5 Elements5-suit solitaire

Completed games at KARA 5 KANVAS (requires HTML5 browser):
Poker5-card draw
Lupincf. Euchre and Bridge
Green Queencf. Black Jack
Elements5-suit solitaire
KartelBig 2 meets KARA 5 Elements
KarotFortune reading

Games with rules only:


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Probability for 5 suits and 12 ranks:

Poker HandCombinationsProbability
Five of a Kind120.0000021972
Straight Flush400.0000073240
Four of a kind33000.0006042283
Full House132000.0024169131
Three of a Kind1650000.0302114140
Two Pair3300000.0604228280
No Pair24460800.4478759728


KARA 5 Poker probability and payout chart:

Poker HandCombinationsProbabilityPayout
KARA 5120.0000021972150
Mr. Honey400.000007324075
KARA Quads6600.000120845740
Mr. Rider8000.000146479635
KARA Mr.9600.000175775530
KARA Umbrella13200.000241691325
Mr. Cupid16000.000292959220
KARA Trips132000.00241691316
Cupid 2 Ships132000.00241691316
KARA 2 Ships198000.00362536975
KARA Pretty Girl Ship297000.00725073943
Rider Ship396000.00543805452.5
KARA Ship891000.01631416361.5
KARA Jump940800.01722599901.5
Cupid Ship1188000.02175221812
Two Ships2970000.05438054521
Pretty Girl Ship5494500.10060400860.5

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I saw. I conquered. I came.