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Started by Den, 2021-Sep-16 14:04

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Cloud service (FileRun) installed on this webhost. For personal and shared files. Can create subfolders, assign tags to files, edit photos, plugins to view documents and videos, share files to public, etc.

Instructions: Set up FileRun on your own webhost server. Softaculous should have this software, for easy installation.

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You can access your files with WebDAV client . Fine for downloading. But uploading should be done via your FileRun webpage, so that it saves your files' metadata into the database. (Actually WebDAV isn't properly set up on my server. ownCloud/NextCloud, which FileRun is partly based for WebDAV part, is a pain to setup and I can't find any viable solutions. Instead  I use my host's own WebDrive as alternative WebDAV access.)
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