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Started by Den, 2009-Aug-20 08:33

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; new frames ; Vogon Deco ; Art Deco style, including fonts

In Vogon Deco, the P/T now also acts like Mana Cost. Use Mana Cost and P/T to display symbols in fixed positions on the card. Use space in Mana Cost or P/T to levae a position blank and advance to the next position. Mana Cost surrounds the art; P/T surrounds the rules.

Recommend you utilize Custom Mana to use your own symbols.

The symbols appear quite large, like some other CCGs. Vogon Deco is great frame if your CCG or card uses a lot of symbols. You can put even more (smaller) icons in the extra bar (which behaves like rules, so use rules syntax.)

Even for Magic, you can use icons for evergreen keywords, like flying, haste, trample, etc.


; flavor text ; allow bold text with <>


; use Stored Procedures


; tribrid mana ; i/n/f = infinite ; c/h/a = chaos (planeswalk)
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Possible to allow custom or user defined frames ?

  • Reasons
    • any possible frame may be created by anyone
    • l can't do them all myself
    • won't have to include into crowded drop down
  • Concerns
    • Security
    • Methodology
    • Ease of use
    • Resources locations
    • Undiscovered additional rendering or other code
    • Special frames, i.e. split cards, flip, levelers, planeswalkers
  • Ideas
    • VSV / JSON file includes
      • URLs to
        • frame images
        • masks
        • fonts
        • custom mana
      • PHP class ?
      • options parameters to pass to functions
    • API
      • drawing functions
      • rules box

Any comments and suggestions welcome.
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; new image manipulation command ; ##transparent,color,alpha
; color is HTML format: 6-hex-digits with leading hash #
; alpha is float between 0.0 and 1.0

Ex. turn cyan invisible

; allow multiple images per field ; all image URLs ; delimiter double dollars $$

All image fields (seticon, typeicon, watermark, overlay, art) may accept multiple images. At the end of the URL, append $$ double dollars for each extra image. Each image can also have their own image manipulation commands. These commands go before the $$.

Not to be confused with double semicolons ;; that separates each half of a split card. $$ and ;; can work together to provide multiple images to one or both halves.

Ex. two images on top of each other$$

Ex. two guild symbols side by side,r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618

Here we pad images to "push" them to left or right. Then alpha the images.

Ex. each half of a split card gets two different watermarks (total 4 different watermarks),r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618;;,r,205##alpha,0.1618$$,l,205##alpha,0.1618

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2022/04/04 - 2022/04/17
 update hints
 image commands  raise to 9
 ccimg  allow query string options for w=, h=
 cclist, ccrand  resize images to h=523
 cclist, ccrand  open cards in new tabs where target=cardname or creator or _blank
 seticon  fix crash if invalid URL
 ##pad  allow transparent background
 PW or Leveler  fix crash if ability is blank
 vogon frames  darken seams on green frames
 playing card  art is see-through where rules texts are
 playing card  text is white if background is black
 blending  option for custom, premade blend masks

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