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TetraShmup / Ominos

Started by Den, 2023-Jan-04 07:10

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Ominos = a TetraShmup

Shooter where you, the player, are a tetromino (Tetris piece). Shoots differently based on shape, color, and orientation.

Play Ominos
 watch demo

[[Design Notes]]

 red  round pellets  shoots out from each cell  vanishes after hit  bigger radius and more damage  early game low, late game veryhigh
 cyan  laser beams  shoots ahead and behind  passes thru enemies  more beams  low
 yellow  exploding missile  miniature clones of player  after hit, all missiles explode, into AOE  bomb bigger radius and longer duration  missile medium, bomb veryhigh
 magenta  energy field  pulsing energy around player  hits everything inside field  bigger radius  very high
 green  bouncy balls  reflects off edge of screen  vanishes after duration  longer duration  low
 white  falling pieces  ominos fly from edges of screen toward player's position  vanishes after hit or duration  more pieces  early game veryhigh, late game low
 brown  seeker arrows  finds and follows the nearest enemy  vanishes after hit or duration  more seekers  low
 black  sticky fidget  spins out from each cell  sticks to enemy, vanishes after duration  more stickys and faster damage over time  on collision and per second after sticking, low
 silver  satellite yoyos  miniature clones of player circles around player  absorbs enemy attacks  bigger radius  high
 blue  forked lightning  shoots from each cell at 90 degrees  forks after hitting enemy  more forks and more times  low
 olive  poison cloud  spreads out from cells a short distance  stays on field a short duration  bigger radius and longer duration  low

((Power ups))

= eat spinning Plus omino = gain 100 points = regain shield = change shape and color = faster movement speed

= alter shape and color = eat Plus ominos

= player level = per 1000 points

= player level = faster shoot rate = more powerful attacks

= faster movement speed = eat Plus ominos

= shield = decrease when hit by enemies and their attacks = die when 0 = eat Plus ominos to regain shield


= move ULDR = OIEA = DXCV

= rotate = S T = , .

= rotate = player piece = 22.5 degrees = 1/16 of a circle

= autofire = on

= gamepad = d-pad = buttons rotate and start game


= obstacles = rotate piece may help pass thru obstacles
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I saw. I conquered. I came.


((Demo videos))

@ [video][/video]
@ [video][/video]

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I saw. I conquered. I came.


After playing a thousand times, I feel zen, especially at late game. When the pace rises at breakneck speed, enemies and bullets fly at you at imperceptible quickness and you try to dodge everything. All the while the screen is cluttered with your own attacks. Yet I'm at peace despite the hectic visual bombardment. Surviving happens by itself, simply by non directed attacks and motion.
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I saw. I conquered. I came.