[Vivaldi] Better Find in Page Bar

Started by Den, 2022-Apr-12 20:35

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First enable CSS modifications at vivaldi://experiments

Then go to Vivaldi settings and choose a folder to store your custom css files. Create a .css file with the following code:

/* find bar */
.active.visible.webpageview .find-in-page {position:absolute; bottom:-1px; z-index:1; margin: 0 auto; left:0; right:0; max-width: fit-content; border-radius: calc(var(--radius) * 1.3); padding-left: 6px;}
.find-in-page .fip-input-label {display:none;}
.find-in-page > label:not(:hover) .fip-checkbox-label {font-size:0; padding:.5px; }
.find-in-page .fip-checkbox-label {font-size: 80%; transition: font-size .15s !important;}
.find-in-page > .toolbar.toolbar-group button svg {transform:rotate(90deg);}
.find-in-page > .button-toolbar button {fill:crimson;}
.find-in-page > .button-toolbar button:hover {fill:beige; background:crimson; box-shadow: 0 0 0 1.5px beige inset;}
/* compact mode */
.active.visible.webpageview .find-in-page:not(:focus-within):not(:hover) {opacity: .5; visibility:hidden;}
.active.visible.webpageview .find-in-page :is(input[type="search"], .fip-results) {visibility:visible;}
/* nomatch alert */
.find-in-page.fip-nomatches:focus-within input[type="search"] {color:maroon; background:pink; transition: 0s .15s !important;}
.find-in-page.fip-nomatches:focus-within {animation: jump 1.3s steps(2) .15s 4 !important;}
@keyframes jump {8% {transform:translateY(0);} 1%, 5% {transform:translateY(5px);} 3% {transform:translateY(-4px);}}


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