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The amount of information contained here about Final Fantasy Legend II (SaGa 2) is staggering!   :o

I've played neoFFL2v4.0 extensively and am very impressed.  I see v.4.1 is out now... have to give it a whirl...

I do have a technical question I've not found an answer to scouring your website and the rest of the web.

Is it mathematically possible to hit Arsenal using a 7 Seven Sword equipped Robot with an AGL of 5 (base) all seven times?

I'm curious if it's a definable point or if it's a limit of X as n->infinity =0 function.   ???
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I haven't done much testing with multiple hit weapons. However, if it's anything like the single hit formula, 100% - 2 * (AttackerAGL - DefenderAGL), then your robot would never land a single hit. The formula says that a robot with less than 49 agility would always miss against Arsenal. Actually depending on the algorithm, it could be 0% or 1/256. If 1/256, then your chances of hitting all 7 times would be 1/256^7 = 1.3x10^-17. Hence, I have to study at the algorithm closely to see whether it's 0% or close to 0.
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