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Lists of Plen, 12d, Twelve

Started by Den, 2018-Mar-17 01:31

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Seems quite a few lists of metaphysical, astrological, psychological, and mythical entities end up with plen* items. Including Olympian gods, zodiac, archetypes. So below table is my attempt to match them up as best as possible.

Lists of Plen Items and Equivalence
Trinity + CardinalJungian ArchetypesOlympian GodsChinese ZodiacWestern  ZodiacMajor Arcana
 Mind + Intro  Innocent  Artemis  Sheep  Gemini  0 Fool
 Mind + Freedom  Jester  Hermes  Monkey  Virgo  9 Hermit
 Mind + Extro  Magician  Apollo  Rat  Aquarius  2 High Priestess
 Mind + Order  Sage  Athena  Snake  Libra  8 Justice
 Body + Intro  Warrior  Ares  Tiger  Aries  11 Strength
 Body + Freedom  Explorer  Poseidon  Horse  Sagittarius  7 Chariot
 Body + Extro  Caregiver  Demeter  Chicken  Taurus  3 Empress
 Body + Order  Creator  Hephaestus  Ox  Capricorn  1 Magician
 Soul + Intro  Companion  Hera  Dog  Pisces  5 Hierophant
 Soul + Freedom  Rebel  Dionysus  Boar  Scorpio  10 Wheel of Fortune
 Soul + Extro  Lover  Aphrodite  Rabbit  Cancer  6 Lover
 Soul + Order  Ruler  Zeus  Dragon  Leo  4 Emperor

*(Plen is word I made up to replace twelve in a base twelve numbering system. Because twelve is derived from base ten system, thus a base twelve system would demand a new word for its base. Plen derives from plenty, full, complete.)
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Liyahu Domains in Relation to Trinity+Cardinal
Trinity + CardinalLiyahu Domains
 Mind + Intro   Psyche, Data
 Mind + Freedom   Change, Water
 Mind + Extro   Art, Shape, Program
 Mind + Order   Time, Logic
 Body + Intro   Metal, Earth
 Body + Freedom   Man, Space, Entropy
 Body + Extro   Force, Electromagnet
 Body + Order   Matter, Atom
 Soul + Intro   Spirit, Life
 Soul + Freedom   Air, Radiance
 Soul + Extro   Emotion, Sound, Fire
 Soul + Order   Group, Morality

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