Minimal Alphabet

Started by Den, 2015-Mar-25 16:51

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Minimal Alphabet

Create an alphabet with no more than 16 letters (two rows on the keyboard).

h k l t f p s n
aspirated (-h), voiced (doubling), nasal (n-)
ng = nk
ny = nl
m = np
th = nf
z = ss
v = ff
ch = tsh
sh = sh
zh = ts
r = lw
r tap = ll
r roll = ln

a e i o u . w y
round - flat (u - i) (w - y)
closed - mid - open (i - e - a)
front - center - back (a - . - o)
semivowel (w - y)

--keyboard layout
ye.w fktp
aoui hsnl

Han Seung Yeon
han siunk yaun

Selina Ren
selina lnen

Tse On Kei
tsea own khei

Lee Hyori
yi hyolli

Dennis Voong
ttenies ffownk
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