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[MTG] Online Play ?

Started by break, 2019-Jan-10 17:46

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Hello there, always nice to find a forum of MTG players !!

Does anyone else here play MTG online ?

I currently play both of these :

Really enjoying the currently standard format

Still working on a commander deck !

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First of all, the population of this Magic forum is really just myself. So you may be disappointed to find not much conversation here. Nowadays I mostly post about my own card designs and occasional deck brewing. (Particularly blue decks.)

I don't really play (online or paper) CCGs any more. For various reasons. But if I would, I'd play HexTCG over Magic. Because the former fully uses advantages of the digital format. Thus more innovative, bolder designs. Magic design will always be hindered by paper, physical version. (Plus I really hate the Modern frames; such an eyesore. So hard to look at especially on the screen.)

But that's just my opinion. Don't let that stop you from enjoying whatever you find fun.
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Aww...well it is nice to find someone else who is into the game.

People mainly play Cardfight Vanguard and Pokémon TCG at my locals.

Oh snap, so you make cards for wizards !?.

Like do you drawn them or decide what the cards do ?

I feel that, a few years ago I got into MTGO  (best 10 bucks I spent at the time)

It was really cool only spending pennies for cards.

I got to do a lot of testing before switching to paper.

Currently I am giving MTG-Arena a shot

It looks and sounds nice !!

Though it is a bit more tricky to get cards.

I would still recommend you try out arena for at least a day...people seem to really talk bad about it for some reason.

But yeah, I would like to pay you in a standard match some time.

I am planning on checking out the sneak peak this weekend !!

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)