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KARA 5 Kartel is Big 2 meets Elements (the latter is my 5-suit solitaire game). Kartel uses a 5-suited deck with 12 ranks in each suit (total 60 cards). Each suit should have its own color, namely gold, green, black, blue, and red. Kartel is best played with 5 players, but it also works for 2-6 players.

Be the first to empty your hand.

Dealer deals all cards alternating to each player. For 2 players, you could deal 15 cards to each player. Dealer rotates counter-clockwise/to the right after each round.

For the first round, the dealer is the leader and plays first. For subsequent rounds, the last winner becomes the leader in the next round.

Play goes counter-clockwise, to the right.

The leader may play any legal set of cards when the discard pile is empty. Everyone must follow by playing the same number of cards that beats the last set, even the leader.

If you can't or don't want to play any cards, you may pass. If everyone passes, empty the discard pile and the last player to play a set becomes the leader.

Card ranks:
正 is high and 2 is low. High card beats low card.
Cards and sets beat the same rank or value by comparing the suit/element of the key cards. These will be explained further under legal sets and by referring to the suit chart.
Also there is special quality for 5-card sets called rainbow/KARA, where all cards in a book are different color/suit. Explained when it comes into effect.

Legal sets:
The legal sets that can be played are singles/solo, pairs/ships, three-of-a-kind/trips, and special 5-card poker hands/books.

1-card: High rank beats low rank. If same rank, the suit must beat old suit according to the suit chart.

2-cards: Only pairs/ships -- two cards of the same rank -- can be played. High rank beats low rank. If same rank, second ship wins.

3-cards:  Only three-of-a-kind/trips can be played. High card beats low card.

5-cards: Certain poker-like "books" can be played. They are in order from highest to lowest as follows:
BookPoker nameDescription
KARA 55-of-a-kind
Mr. HoneyStraight flushconsecutive ranks of the same suit
(KARA) Quads4-of-a-kind4-of-a-kind and extra card
HoneyFlushwhole set in the same suit
(KARA) UmbrellaFull housetrips and a pair
(KARA) Mr.Straightconsecutive ranks
KARA Jumpone of each suit/color

For KARA 5 and Quads, the higher rank of the 4- or 5-of-a-kind wins. However, KARA Quads beats regular Quads before rank comparison.

For Mr. and Mr. Honey, high rank wins. Highest rank is 正神后王女, and lowest is 65432. 正5432 is also legal, and is second highest after 正神后王女. If same rank, compare the suits of the highest card. However, Rainbow/KARA Mr. beats regular Mr. before rank comparison.

For Honey, compare each card from both sets in descending order until one card has a higher rank. If both sets have the same ranks, then compare the suits.
Ex. 神后王32 beats 神后865
Ex. 87643 gold beats 87643 green

Rainbow/KARA Umbrella beats regular Umbrella. Otherwise, higher 3-of-a-kind wins.

KARA Jump, a 5-card book of rainbow/KARA suits, but not matching any of the higher books and no pairs or trips, may be played. Compare like Honey. Loses to other books.

Suit chart:
Gold  Green & Black
Green  Black & Blue
Black  Blue & Red
Blue  Red & Gold
Red  Gold & Green

When one player has no cards left in hand, the round ends.

If playing for points or money, calculate the score as follows.

First, each player counts the number of cards remaining in er hand. If e played three or fewer cards, double it. If e played no cards, triple it instead.
Ex. A 5-player game starts with 12 cards. If e has 1 to 8 cards left, e gets that many points. If 9, 10, or 11 cards left, e gets 18, 20, or 22 points, respectively. If 12 cards left, e gets 36 points.

Then for each opponent, the player with more points pays the difference to the other player.
Ex. Gyuri has 5 cards. Seungyeon has 0 cards. Nicole has 9 cards (=18 points). Hara has 5 cards. Jiyoung has 2 cards. They pay each other as follows:
Gyuri pays Seungyeon $5, gets $13 from Nicole, and pays Jiyoung $3. Hara does the same as Gyuri.
Seungyeon gets $5 from Gyuri and Hara, $18 from Nicole, and $2 from Jiyoung.
Nicole pays $13 to Gyuri and Hara, $18 to Seungyeon, and $16 to Jiyoung.
Jiyoung gets $3 from Gyuri and Hara, pays Seungyeon $2, and gets $16 from Nicole.
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