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Arts, Literature, and Crafts / VogonCloud
« Last post by Den on 2021-Sep-16 14:04 »
Cloud service (FileRun) installed on this webhost. For personal and shared files. Can create subfolders, assign tags to files, edit photos, plugins to view documents and videos, share files to public, etc.

Instructions: Set up FileRun on your own webhost server. Softaculous should have this software, for easy installation.

View Den's shared folder

You can access your files with WebDAV client . Fine for downloading. But uploading should be done via your FileRun webpage, so that it saves your files' metadata into the database. (Actually WebDAV isn't properly set up on my server. ownCloud/NextCloud, which FileRun is partly based for WebDAV part, is a pain to setup and I can't find any viable solutions. Instead  I use my host's own WebDrive as alternative WebDAV access.)
Keyboards and Other Interfaces / Re: ScreenPad : the Browser Keyboard
« Last post by Den on 2021-Sep-08 15:46 »
Forgot the semicolon.

Put dot and quote in fixed locations, then optimize around them.
Keyboards and Other Interfaces / ScreenPad : the Browser Keyboard
« Last post by Den on 2021-Sep-07 01:57 »
ScreenPad : the Browser Keyboard

Instructions: Click the buttons to type the karas. Copy the text to the clipboard.

Pro-tip: Add the screenpad page into your browser's sidebar. So you can type in the side while viewing another website.

Very simple HTML file with inline javascript. If you want to modify the layout, source code @
Tech Support / YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener
« Last post by Den on 2021-Sep-07 00:08 »
YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

Instructions: Set up YOURLS on your own webhost server. Softaculous should have this software, for easy installation.

Mine is installed at:

Some shortened URLS:
cpXSL cPanel
poeaccountPath of Exile account
poefPath of Exile forums
poewPath of Exile wiki
gw2fGW2 forums
gw2wGW2 wiki
multiverseMTG Multiverse
gfGameFAQS boards

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« Last post by Den on 2021-Sep-03 15:30 »
Oh and I have played the hack a bit. 
Seems that the starting area enemies are a bit stronger ?

The original game, some starter monsters did 0 zero damage to your party. So I buffed them to actually do some damage. It could take a while to out-level them, until they do minimal damage again.

Which means when you transform into them, your monsters shouldn't feel weak, either.
Relative position
The first photo hasn't included all positions of polish letters, sorry about that.
Hello BEAKL friends - my name's Mati and I want you to introduce my own custom version Beakl which is fully called (by me) BEAKL49MC (BEAKL is pretty much obvious heh, 4 mean it's coming from Beakl4 in about 60%, partly from Beakl15 and a little from Dvorak, link here - , 9 means it has gone through 9 different modifications in my typing journey for almost a year, and MC which is my way to indicate recent letters I have changed).
The goal of the layout is to be effective in both English and Polish (pretty challenging I might say, which eventually I have achieved in my opinion). It's very light when it comes to type in English - there are pretty not many difficulties, it's possible to type English at about 120wpm using just touch typing without adjusting fingers to get better ergonomy. Well in Polish - things get a little bit spicy, but even so, it's quite a good masterpiece I've done to get it possible without getting much lost on English (my current average is about 90wpm). The obvious example will be the letter "Z" - in English just about 0.07%, in Polish - above 5% (second place in consonants, behind "N"), another is "J", "K". The only letter which is not that common in Polish is "F" (about 0.2%) and zero frequency of letters "X, V, Q". Ah, and do not forget about polish letters „Zażółć gęślą jaźń” :)

The positions of the letters in text:
z  y  o  u  k  g  m  l  p  j
h  i   e  a  f  d  s  t  n  r
/  .   ,   '   x  w c v  b  q

If you want to DM me you can use my discordname mati2ooo#0859 or text here - I'll be following your suggestions about my layout with pleasure ;)
Keyboards and Other Interfaces / Re: Keyboard Designer and Analyzer
« Last post by iandoug on 2021-Aug-31 12:13 »
Code: [Select]
It is well known that two hand digraphs are faster. Salthouse
(1984) revealed that the average interkey-time for two hand di-
 graphs is 144 ms while the average interkey-stroke time for the
 same hand digraphs is 193 ms .

Estimation of digraph costs for keyboard layout optimization
Ali  Işeri, Mahmut Ekşioglu

So 193 - 144 = 49ms
So for a 3-key roll, 98 ms slower. Multiplied by the number of times they occur.

In theory.

Keyboards and Other Interfaces / Re: Keyboard Designer and Analyzer
« Last post by iandoug on 2021-Aug-30 14:37 »
Patterns they haven't thunk up yet on Reddit:

1. Implosion: keys D T E A , word "date"

2. Explosion: keys A D I E , word " idea"

3. Hopping: keys O P , words "poop" or "oppo..."

4. Riff: keys T P Y E , word " type"

They may classify the first two under "pinballing". I don't see why they are necessarily bad, I do the "date" one a lot on Poqtea (which is what led to these ideas).

Cheers, Ian
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