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Magic: the Gathering / [COMM] Arahbo, Roar of the World
« on: 2021-Aug-21 07:01 »
Hey there, hope you are having a great day !
So being unable to play MTG in person...I have shifted to playing online.
Currently trying to learn how to play the "Commander" format
And need some help/feedback with a deck I am building.
Below is my current build :

Apprentice MTGO
// Commanders
Arahbo, Roar of the World
Kaheera, the Orphanguard

// Lands (30):
Animal Sanctuary
Arctic Treeline
Elfhame Palace
Evolving Wilds
Fortified Village
Gingerbread Cabin
Idyllic Grange
Llanowar Reborn
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Scattered Groves
Selesnya Guildgate
Snow-Covered Forest
Snow-Covered Plains
Sunpetal Grove
Temple of Plenty
Terramorphic Expanse
Thornglint Bridge
Turntimber Grove

// Creatures (30)
--CMC 1 (8)
Loam Lion
Sacred Cat
Savannah Lions
Steppe Lynx
Jungle Lion
Pouncing Jaguar
Scythe Leopard
Wild Nacatl
--CMC 2 (12)
Watchers of the Dead
Adorned Pouncer
Leonin Arbiter
Leonin Lightscribe
Lost Leonin
Leonin Relic-Warder
Leonin Skyhunter
Initiate's Companion
Longtusk Cub
Bronzehide Lion
Fleecemane Lion
Qasali Pridemage
--CMC 3 (8)
King of the Pride
Brimaz, King of Oreskos
Skyhunter Skirmisher
Feline Sovereign
Pride Sovereign
Prowling Serpopard
Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist
Qasali Ambusher
--CMC 5 (2)
Regal Caracal
Qasali Slingers

// Monster-Buff (14)
--CMC 1 (3)
Authority of the Consuls
Gryff's Boon
Ethereal Armor
--CMC 2 (7)
Blind Obedience
Rally the Ranks
Shared Triumph
Bower Passage
Primal Rage
Season of Growth
Swiftfoot Boots
--CMC 3 (3)
Curse of Predation
Rhonas's Monument
Bow of Nylea
--CMC 4 (1)
Felidar Retreat

// Artifact/Enchantment-hate (8)
--CMC 1 (2)
Natural State
--CMC 2 (6)
Revoke Existence
Broken Bond
Return to Nature
Tribute to the Wild
Nature's Chant
Sundering Growth
// Land-Search (7)
--CMC 1 (5)
Renegade Map
Attune with Aether
Sylvan Tutor
Safewright Quest
--CMC 2 (2)
Nature's Lore
Three Visits

// Mana-Rocks (2)
--CMC 2 (2)
Pillar of Origins
Talisman of Unity

// Planeswalker (3)
--CMC 3 (1)
Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
--CMC 4 (1)
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
--CMC 5 (1)
Vivien, Monster's Advocate

// Planeswalker-Hate (1)
--CMC 6 (1)
Hour of Revelation

// Extra (4)
--CMC 1 (1)
Warriors' Lesson
--CMC 2 (1)
Life's Legacy
--CMC 3 (2)
Hunter's Insight
Descendants' Path

Games General / [FFL2] saga2edit
« on: 2021-Aug-21 06:52 »
Hello there, I hope everyone has been well.
Found this Final Fantasy Legend II editor :

Created by romhacking user tehtmi :

That can do some simple edits to the game.
While I have learned to only use hex-editing to make changes
This tool seems to be able to speed up progress in most areas.
Want to share this here for those who are interested in checking it out.

Tech Support / [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
« on: 2020-Mar-14 10:04 »
Hey there, hope you all have been well !
First off, the Worksheet for Final Fantasy Legends II has been very helpful in learning how to edit the game.
What I noticed this week, is that with the Windows 10 version of MS-Excel
You are unable to open the ".XLS" or ".ODS" file.
Instead it says that the file is corrupt and refuses to open the file.
So what I have attached here is a ".ZIP" file, when extracted,
Contains the same FFL2-Worksheet
But in formats that the latest MS-Excel software can read/open.


You are welcome to update the "Utility Files for Download" sections here : 

With any of these files...rather it might be easier to create a ".7z" file with every format of the Worksheet file in it ?
Again, thank you and I hope this is helpful to someone !

Games General / [FFL2] Item/Skill Edit ?
« on: 2020-Mar-07 15:49 »
Gosh, on a roll this weekend !
Finally learned how to edit names and such.
All of these new skills have me pumped up.
Speaking of skills, I am ready to learn how to tackle
How to edit the game's items/skills.

So, it looks like at Offset: 00032F80 ~ 00032F87
Contains the information for the item "Hammer"
However, I am a bit confused on what information each Offset contains :

00032F80 = A1
00032F81 = 00
00032F82 = 00
00032F83 = 31
00032F84 = 06
00032F85 = 00
00032F86 = 90
00032F87 = 2B

It appears that most of the items are structured this way.
Currently looking into how these Offsets are flagged and such.
Now that I have learned how to rename things, I hope I can figure out all of the
Possible combinations of properties that items/skills can have.
Going to work on this and try to figure some things out.
Will edit or reply as I am able to discover more.

Games General / [FFL2] Key Names Edit ?
« on: 2020-Mar-05 19:43 »
Hello there, survived the storm and got power back out here now !
First off, I have to thank @Den  for their patience in explaining
How the meat/items drops work in the game.
Now that I have understanding on that concept
I have a new mystery that I am asking to be solved.
How do you edit "Key" Names of things like Enemies, Items, and Skills ?

For example, lets say I want to edit the name of the first boss monster "BabyWyrm".
First, where would I find where it's name is stored ?
Second, how would I edit it to be something like "Scout" ?

I have noticed, in the updates for neoFFL2 (version 5-300)
Most of the skills/items have been renamed.
Ultimately, I will like to learn how to edit these skills/items beyond their names
But for now, I would just like to learn how to edit the Key Names of things in the game.

Games General / [FFL2] Guaranteed Monster Meat Drops ?
« on: 2020-Jan-31 18:49 »
Hello there, I hope you all are doing well.
My question is on two encounters in Final Fantasy Legends II
"TianLung" and "Fenrir" boss battles towards the end of the game.
I have noticed that, upon winning the battle, they always drop their monster-meat.

Question #1: Why is this ?

Question #2: Is it possible to set other battles/encounters to drop Meat/Items ?

Question #3: If so, how would someone do this as an example ?

My goal is to test this out with the "Watcher" battle in Race World.
I want to learn if it is possible to make that encounter always drop monster-meat.
Again, thanks for listening and I hope to get some feedback on this topic !

Games General / [Request] Romhacking dot net
« on: 2020-Jan-31 17:46 »
Hello there, welcome to the roaring 20's !!
Today I have noticed the Final Fantasy II hack "neoFFL2" has updated to version 5.200
And was wondering if it's creator could update the information on ?
I believe the last update can be found here :

Under the "Submission" tab at the top and "Submit News"
Should let more fans know that the hack has been updated.
Again, very excited to check out this update and give feedback !!

Magic: the Gathering / [STD] Green_Red_Blue Gates
« on: 2019-Feb-02 07:22 »
Hello everyone, been playing and updating this deck for a while now.

Figured I would share it here so everyone can have fun with it :

Sorcery :
Flower // Flourish *1
Open the Gates *4
Shimmer of Possibility *2
Gates Ablaze *4
Circuitous Route *1

Land :
Forest *7
Gateway Plaze *1
Gruul Guildgate *4
Island *1
Izzet Guildgate *4
Mountain *1
Simic Guildgate *4

Instant :
Thrash // Threat *1
Growth Spiral *4
Syncopate *3

Artifact :
Traveler's Amulet *3
Glaive of the Guildpact *1

Enchantment :
Guild Summit *4

District Guide *2
Gatebreaker Ram *4
Wayward Swordtooth *1
Tatyova, Benthic Druid *2
Gate Colossus *1

--Side Board

Enchantment :
Psychic Corrosion *4

Instant :
Syncopate *1
Expansion // Explosion *1
Thrash // Threat *3

Sorcery :
Banfire *1
Gaea's Blessing *1
Circuitous Route *1

Artifact :
Fountain of Renewal *2
Amulet of Safekeeping *1

Magic: the Gathering / [MTG] Online Play ?
« on: 2019-Jan-10 17:46 »
Hello there, always nice to find a forum of MTG players !!

Does anyone else here play MTG online ?

I currently play both of these :

Really enjoying the currently standard format

Still working on a commander deck !

Games General / How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-10 17:31 »
Hello there, just started playing your version 5102 hack of FFL2.

And was wondering what resources are available to hack / modify the original game ?

Really want to educate myself on how to do thanks in advance !

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