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Thanks again for the help with posting everything !
So I tried giving the commander format a try online during COV-19 last year.
Could not play standard in-person, so stopped collecting cards.
It is an early game rush to cast creatures and stop/destroy artifacts.
The Commander boosts one Cat monsters before combat
So I can get in some early damage and soon close out the game.
More or less use many low CMC-Cards to get an early lead
In hopes of pressuring the opponent.
Even with that said...there are a lot of turn 2~3 win decks in Commander
So it feels like my deck is too slow to get a win.

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2021-Aug-25 08:34 »
Okay, just a fan of following Discord forum projects myself.
If you ever desire creating one from this let me know.
Also, I got permission to update the romhacking page for this hack.
Should now have all of the current information posted now.
Oh and I have played the hack a bit. 
Seems that the starting area enemies are a bit stronger ?


So just with the names of the cards ?
Need a bit more help/explanation.


My mistake, had a space in front of deck  >_<"

Magic: the Gathering / [COMM] Arahbo, Roar of the World
« on: 2021-Aug-21 07:01 »
Hey there, hope you are having a great day !
So being unable to play MTG in person...I have shifted to playing online.
Currently trying to learn how to play the "Commander" format
And need some help/feedback with a deck I am building.
Below is my current build :

Apprentice MTGO
// Commanders
Arahbo, Roar of the World
Kaheera, the Orphanguard

// Lands (30):
Animal Sanctuary
Arctic Treeline
Elfhame Palace
Evolving Wilds
Fortified Village
Gingerbread Cabin
Idyllic Grange
Llanowar Reborn
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Scattered Groves
Selesnya Guildgate
Snow-Covered Forest
Snow-Covered Plains
Sunpetal Grove
Temple of Plenty
Terramorphic Expanse
Thornglint Bridge
Turntimber Grove

// Creatures (30)
--CMC 1 (8)
Loam Lion
Sacred Cat
Savannah Lions
Steppe Lynx
Jungle Lion
Pouncing Jaguar
Scythe Leopard
Wild Nacatl
--CMC 2 (12)
Watchers of the Dead
Adorned Pouncer
Leonin Arbiter
Leonin Lightscribe
Lost Leonin
Leonin Relic-Warder
Leonin Skyhunter
Initiate's Companion
Longtusk Cub
Bronzehide Lion
Fleecemane Lion
Qasali Pridemage
--CMC 3 (8)
King of the Pride
Brimaz, King of Oreskos
Skyhunter Skirmisher
Feline Sovereign
Pride Sovereign
Prowling Serpopard
Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist
Qasali Ambusher
--CMC 5 (2)
Regal Caracal
Qasali Slingers

// Monster-Buff (14)
--CMC 1 (3)
Authority of the Consuls
Gryff's Boon
Ethereal Armor
--CMC 2 (7)
Blind Obedience
Rally the Ranks
Shared Triumph
Bower Passage
Primal Rage
Season of Growth
Swiftfoot Boots
--CMC 3 (3)
Curse of Predation
Rhonas's Monument
Bow of Nylea
--CMC 4 (1)
Felidar Retreat

// Artifact/Enchantment-hate (8)
--CMC 1 (2)
Natural State
--CMC 2 (6)
Revoke Existence
Broken Bond
Return to Nature
Tribute to the Wild
Nature's Chant
Sundering Growth
// Land-Search (7)
--CMC 1 (5)
Renegade Map
Attune with Aether
Sylvan Tutor
Safewright Quest
--CMC 2 (2)
Nature's Lore
Three Visits

// Mana-Rocks (2)
--CMC 2 (2)
Pillar of Origins
Talisman of Unity

// Planeswalker (3)
--CMC 3 (1)
Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
--CMC 4 (1)
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
--CMC 5 (1)
Vivien, Monster's Advocate

// Planeswalker-Hate (1)
--CMC 6 (1)
Hour of Revelation

// Extra (4)
--CMC 1 (1)
Warriors' Lesson
--CMC 2 (1)
Life's Legacy
--CMC 3 (2)
Hunter's Insight
Descendants' Path

Games General / [FFL2] saga2edit
« on: 2021-Aug-21 06:52 »
Hello there, I hope everyone has been well.
Found this Final Fantasy Legend II editor :

Created by romhacking user tehtmi :

That can do some simple edits to the game.
While I have learned to only use hex-editing to make changes
This tool seems to be able to speed up progress in most areas.
Want to share this here for those who are interested in checking it out.

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2021-Aug-21 06:45 »
First off, very relieved to know that you and the other forum members have survived the first wave of Covid-19.
Second, excited to check out this new build.
Third, will you be updating your information over at romhacking :

Again, glad that the site/forum is back up !
Would it be possible to make a "Discord" for this project ?
Just in case the site has to go down again.

Tech Support / Re: [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
« on: 2020-Mar-14 19:33 »

Yeah, I thought about just making a new Worksheet file from scratch
But have not had the time to make a new/updated one.
Funny thing is, I did not know that Open-Office had updated their software last year
Which, even after updating, can still open/read the old file.
Again, your Worksheet file contains so much good information !
If I get around to typing up a new one
Will be sure to share it here...I feel like I own you and this site so much  ^_^" 

Off-topic...currently scratching my head about monster encounters.
I have figured out how to change/edit what type of monster appears in the encounter
But unable understand how to edit how "many" of and enemy can appear.
Also how the game points to a stored enemy battle group.
Will make a topic about it here later
Currently testing my Meat/Item drop edits !

Tech Support / [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
« on: 2020-Mar-14 10:04 »
Hey there, hope you all have been well !
First off, the Worksheet for Final Fantasy Legends II has been very helpful in learning how to edit the game.
What I noticed this week, is that with the Windows 10 version of MS-Excel
You are unable to open the ".XLS" or ".ODS" file.
Instead it says that the file is corrupt and refuses to open the file.
So what I have attached here is a ".ZIP" file, when extracted,
Contains the same FFL2-Worksheet
But in formats that the latest MS-Excel software can read/open.


You are welcome to update the "Utility Files for Download" sections here : 

With any of these files...rather it might be easier to create a ".7z" file with every format of the Worksheet file in it ?
Again, thank you and I hope this is helpful to someone !

Games General / [FFL2] Item/Skill Edit ?
« on: 2020-Mar-07 15:49 »
Gosh, on a roll this weekend !
Finally learned how to edit names and such.
All of these new skills have me pumped up.
Speaking of skills, I am ready to learn how to tackle
How to edit the game's items/skills.

So, it looks like at Offset: 00032F80 ~ 00032F87
Contains the information for the item "Hammer"
However, I am a bit confused on what information each Offset contains :

00032F80 = A1
00032F81 = 00
00032F82 = 00
00032F83 = 31
00032F84 = 06
00032F85 = 00
00032F86 = 90
00032F87 = 2B

It appears that most of the items are structured this way.
Currently looking into how these Offsets are flagged and such.
Now that I have learned how to rename things, I hope I can figure out all of the
Possible combinations of properties that items/skills can have.
Going to work on this and try to figure some things out.
Will edit or reply as I am able to discover more.

Games General / Re: [FFL2] Key Names Edit ?
« on: 2020-Mar-07 09:17 »

You are really amazing, been up since 7:00am this morning researching ".TBL" files.
So I have been using "HxD" Hex Editor version (x86-64)
And it has a column named "Decoded Text"
Well, to me it looks like a bunch of "gibberish" to me so I have always ignored it.

Never used a translator program before, but "WindHex32" seemed a bit similar at first.
Opened the file like normal, but when I initially opened the table file it would not recognize it.
It took way longer than expected to figure out that I has saved it as a "Text Document"
Thankfully, all I had to do was open it and save it as a ".tbl" file.

But gosh, this recommended program is really cool.
Now that I have imported the table file, I can see the Decoded Text !!
So when I jump to Offset :  0003EEC0
I can see the start of the monster name "Fungus"
Again, you really are my hero when it comes to things like this !
I plan to play around with this over the weekend
And once it get this down, will bug you about how to edit Items/Skill properties.
Thanks again

Games General / [FFL2] Key Names Edit ?
« on: 2020-Mar-05 19:43 »
Hello there, survived the storm and got power back out here now !
First off, I have to thank @Den  for their patience in explaining
How the meat/items drops work in the game.
Now that I have understanding on that concept
I have a new mystery that I am asking to be solved.
How do you edit "Key" Names of things like Enemies, Items, and Skills ?

For example, lets say I want to edit the name of the first boss monster "BabyWyrm".
First, where would I find where it's name is stored ?
Second, how would I edit it to be something like "Scout" ?

I have noticed, in the updates for neoFFL2 (version 5-300)
Most of the skills/items have been renamed.
Ultimately, I will like to learn how to edit these skills/items beyond their names
But for now, I would just like to learn how to edit the Key Names of things in the game.

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2020-Mar-05 19:32 »

Whew...been a rough week  >_<"
Tornados are no joke and have power again.
Anyhow, make have to pick your brain on how to edit these "Heart Icons" later

Also, looks like the game had a few updates since I was last online !
Looking forward to how Monster-Meat works with mutants now.
So it looks like Mutants gain stats upon eating meat
Would they also be able to learn a set skill/trait with this method ?

Very happy to see that you are sharing your progress with your hack !
It brings lots of excitement and joy when I notice the changelog has been updated.

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2020-Feb-26 15:11 »

Oh my, I have been away from home these past few weeks...and return to all of these cool ideas !!
I really don't know where to start
But let me thank you again with your help with the Meat/Item Drop formula.
Finally have time to play around with it.

Very excited to see all of the new skill functions !
I always felt the game was not diverse enough, in this regard.
Looking forward to trying out the variety of skills available.

Gotta say, the Mutant-Class eating meats to force STAT-Ups is brilliant.
I wonder if this could be used to even force certain skills to be learned ?

The Human, Naruto-Rock Lee, Taijutsu combos seem interesting.
Though sounds very tricky to implement.

Do you plan to make a video showing off some of these ideas ?

33C50 Meat, item drop chance / gold drop level
33D50 Moves selection / DS level

Set the respective bit to enable that feature. 80+40+20=E0

Oh my...this really clears up a lot of confusion/uncertainty I had !
So to test this example, let's use the first Meat-Boss of the game "BabyWyrm" -- A2 (0x33CB9)

The first bit is the "Meat, Item Drop Chance" (Ax)
While the second bit is the "Gold Drop Level" (x2)

For the first bit, the combination can be :

0+0+0 = 0
0+0+2 = 2
0+4+2 = 6
0+4+0 = 4
8+0+0 = 8
8+0+2 = A
8+4+0 = C
8+4+2 = E

Because "BabyWyrm" has the 'A2' values
It means that the first and third statement are true
So it drops meat only 20% of the time.

With that said, if someone wants to make "BabyWyrm" drop meat 100% of the time
That offset value can be changed to "E2"
Since that would make all three statements true.

I hope I understand this correctly, will try and test it out this weekend.
If you notice that my thinking is incorrect, do let me know and even correct me.
Really want to experiment with a new hack with this information.


Okay, starting to follow
So from offset range :  0x33C50 ~ 0x33D4F
Is where each enemy's DS-Level is located at
starting from Fungus -- 'A1' (0x33C50) to Ghost -- 'AB' (0x33D03)
TianLung -- 'EB' (0x33D0D)
Fenrir -- 'EB' (0x33D12)
Plasma -- 'A3' (0x33D27) to Plague -- 'AA' (0x33D2F)

So 'Ax' should be a Meat Enemy, '2x' an Item Enemy, and 'Ex' exclusive to TianLung and Fenrir 

From offset range:   0x33D50 ~ 0x33E4F
This seems to mirror it a bit
starting from Fungus -- '01' (0x33D50) to Ghost -- '4B' (0x33E03)
TianLung -- '3B' (0x33E0D)
Fenrir -- '2B' (0x33E12)
Plasma -- '03' (0x33E27) to Plague -- '4A' (0x33E2F)

Offset range:  0x33E50 ~ 0x33E7F
Seems to be about money...but not really sure where it points to or how it is calculated.

So with this information, how would I change a "Fungus" Meat Monster
To where it will drop meat 100% of the time ?

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2020-Feb-05 19:33 »
Yeah, awesome to see that you are looking more into the party monster growth mechanic !
I tried my best to balance this when I was learning this game.
So does the DS level of monster meat effect what a monster evolves into ?
It took a while for me to get the "Meat-Drop" and "Item-Drop" enemies to feel just right.
Tried to give enemies attacks that made since with the way there sprites looked  ^_^"

Also, really nice to hear you are giving monster classes their own personality !
And yes...I sort of gave up on monster meat for the first world.
No matter what combination was eaten...the monster would always be a bit weaker.

Again, very interested in learning your process once you have finished tweaking the hack.
Still a few things I want to learn from you and experiment with !

Games General / Re: [Request] Romhacking dot net
« on: 2020-Feb-02 20:06 »
Super odd, I did not have much trouble with posting my project or making a news submission.
I recall they had a certain format for images and the like
And since you are updating and already posted hack's information
Very surprised they would reject it.
I will look around their forums and ask around to see if they have updated rules and such.
Sorry that their site is being picky all of a sudden  >_<"

Games General / Re: [Request] Romhacking dot net
« on: 2020-Feb-02 07:44 »

Awesome friend, looking forward to seeing the Submitted News post on the front page !
Also, I am sure you know, it seems like Final Fantasy Legend II is becoming more and more popular in the speed running community.
So I do hope more people reach out and give feedback on your hack.


Oh wow, you are the best friend !
Okay, so 00033C50 ~ 00033D4F contains this information.
So like each byte corresponds with an encounter in the game ?

Second, so the 0x80 sets if a enemy is capable of dropping anything after battle ?
0x40 adds an 80% chance, while 0x20 adds an 20% chance ?
And 0x1F sets how much gold is earned after the battle ?
This is very interesting, so normally monsters only have a 20% chance to drop meat or an item !
Third, can you help me out with an example ?
So the Watcher fight at the end of race world
Where can I find that encounter in this range ?
Also, how would I set the first three values as true ?

Fourth, and finally, I did not realize you can change the DS-Level of monsters in the game !
I guess this was something I overlooked  >_<"
Interested in learning this as well, should be neat to have mutants learn more power skills during more boss battles.

Games General / Re: neoFFL2 : Official Topic
« on: 2020-Feb-01 06:10 »
Awesome work Den, very happy to see an official topic for this hack !

First did you go about editing the dialog in the game ?
That was one of the things I wanted to attempt with my project
But was a bit lost on how to do.

Second...I still have the game data worksheets you shared with me when I was learning about this game. Unsure if I read correctly, but have they been update with addition information ? did you edit enemy names and items/skills ?

Forth, and more of a follow did you change to properties of items ? I think I remember how to change how many uses a item has. But I have noticed you have change if an item is single target, group target, all target, and even the element (etc). I did want to play around with improving some of the skills in the game, but did not know how to get started.

Fifth, and will end questions here...the new robot party member has a new sprite. Very interested to learn how you imported or created a new sprite for the hack. 

That is all for now, will play the game some more today and give you some feedback. 

Games General / Re: [Request] Romhacking dot net
« on: 2020-Feb-01 05:53 »
i don't really use that site. i may upload it after another minor update.

Her Den, thanks for the speedy response !
Unsure if I have asked before, but are you the "amuseum" user on and Gamefaqs ?
From the main page, I see you are planning to update to version 5.201 and even 6.000
Very excited to see what you have in mind for the coming updates !
I know screenshots of the new Robot party member will turn some heads  ^_^"

Aww...that is one part of fixed encounters that I have not been able to figure out.
Like in the Odin fight, you can get a meat drop or an item drop (since you have a mix of enemies)
But for one-on-one boss battles, trying to see why those final two bosses are flagged for meat drops upon defeat.
If you are able to discover anything, I would be very grateful to hear it ! 

Games General / [FFL2] Guaranteed Monster Meat Drops ?
« on: 2020-Jan-31 18:49 »
Hello there, I hope you all are doing well.
My question is on two encounters in Final Fantasy Legends II
"TianLung" and "Fenrir" boss battles towards the end of the game.
I have noticed that, upon winning the battle, they always drop their monster-meat.

Question #1: Why is this ?

Question #2: Is it possible to set other battles/encounters to drop Meat/Items ?

Question #3: If so, how would someone do this as an example ?

My goal is to test this out with the "Watcher" battle in Race World.
I want to learn if it is possible to make that encounter always drop monster-meat.
Again, thanks for listening and I hope to get some feedback on this topic !

Games General / [Request] Romhacking dot net
« on: 2020-Jan-31 17:46 »
Hello there, welcome to the roaring 20's !!
Today I have noticed the Final Fantasy II hack "neoFFL2" has updated to version 5.200
And was wondering if it's creator could update the information on ?
I believe the last update can be found here :

Under the "Submission" tab at the top and "Submit News"
Should let more fans know that the hack has been updated.
Again, very excited to check out this update and give feedback !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Aug-31 23:48 »
there's always a chance to gain HP. but if HP gain is successful, then stat gain cannot happen in the same battle.

(my neoFFL2 mod modifies this behavior. so you have a chance to get both HP and stats after the same battle.)

Hmm...I see, it sounds like I need to learn how you changed things around for your hack (neoFFL2)
Because with that, I believe the Human & Mutant class will have a better balance of stats.
Also, I hope to receive some feedback from you on my hack  ^_^"
I hope our partnership from January ~ August helped me create a fun game !


The hack is now live/public on romhacking :

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Aug-31 23:21 »

Thanks, you are the best !!
So I guess HP is just random then ?
Anyhow, I just submitted my hack on the romhacking site.
It may take 24~48 hours before it is visible and such.
I could not have made this level of progress
On this project without you patience to teach me.
Again, you have my thanks and I hope you are able to check it out !

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Aug-20 15:29 »

Hello again, have been away for a long while.
Went ahead and reworked a lot of things for my hack.
Also currently in the final phases of testing before release.
But I am stumped by one thing that I have not been able to find out..
What determines which action increases which stat ?
From testing, I noticed something like a "Flame sword" would increase Str
a "Fire book" would increase Mana
and a "Defend sword" would increase Def
So as far as hex-editing goes...where could I find what triggers this ?
Again, looking for what determines if a item use increases a/which stat.
Thanks in advance for the help, and you should be able to check things out next month !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Mar-24 16:45 »

Hello again, I just finish my second run of the game
And made a lot of changes through out both play throughs.
While it has been a blast testing thing out
I am currently debating if I want to do a little more editing with the monsters.
With the latest edits, it should take 4~5 hours to beat the game instead of 2~3 hours.
Going to take this next week to review a few things
And then release what I have !!
Again, thanks for helping me get started on this project ^_^"

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Mar-11 16:03 »

Hey friend, was offline for a few weeks
And I have now finished up with what I wanted to modify.
Currently going through the game and testing things out.
This should take about a week or so
Then I plan to release what I have.
Again, thanks for taking the time to help me get started on this project !!
I appreciate your patience with teaching me the ends and out of :

-- Hex values
-- Offsets 
-- Pointers 
-- And all the ends and outs of Hex-Editing this game

Though it took a while for me to understand
And get things working for me
This has really been a fun project
That I looked forward to working on each day !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Feb-25 16:30 »

Awesome, thank you so much for the heads up !!
Okay, so I am currently working on changing a few of these mini-bosses now.
About the Dragon-Race the faster you dragon
The more mini-bosses you fight ?

I believe that the first one is "Adamant"
And the next one should be "Ghast"...but it looks like only a "Tortoise" encounter triggers.

Also, it appears you can run from this battle and still get the magi.
Will look more into your examples on how to set a "no run/boss battle" flag
Or even some way to repoint this Dragon-Race encounter to "Ghast" 

Well, once I get these mini-boss battles finished
I will give the human/mutant growth rates another try.
Still a bit unsure how the values and offsets calculate
But will do a little testing and then release what I have.
Also, at that point...would you be available to test the game out and give me some feedback ?

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Feb-18 19:39 »

Okay, so just finished updating the major boss enemies stats and abilities/equipment.
May edit some of the minor unrun-able enemies later.
Currently working on editing some of the treasure chest items.
Should have that finished this week (not messing with the X/Y coordinates, just what is inside).
Again, thanks for the heads up about how treasures work !

So for encounters, can you help me solve this example ?
I would like to change the first mini-boss encounter from a BabyWyrm (69) to a Wyrm Kid (6A).
Under the "Magic" tab, I see that BabyWyrm is listed as a boss encounter on Offset 0x36CB1
Where the values are 69EC002001

If I change the '69' to '6A', (6AEC002001), would the encounter change from pointing to a BabyWyrm to a Wyrm Kid ?
Thanks in advance, and look forward from hearing back from you !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Feb-10 18:09 »

Back home now (was away for about a week)
Okay, so I have just finalized my Shop edits
Which took a little while with how the Offsets are ordered
But really happy to have that part done.

So next, I will look over your notes on the Treasure Chests
And try to start from there !
Hmm, so from Offset 0x1C8EF ~ 0x1F8F4
Would be the 'Cure Potion' in North Cave ?
I see the Hex : 80 00 2B E7 1D F9
And 1D would be the Item ID for 'Cure Potion'
Can you break down what the Hex value 80 00 2B E7 is doing ?

Hmm, encounters still seem tough to understand.
So for Offset 0x36C70 ~ 0x36C74
I see the Hex : FF FE 00 60 E1
So if the first three Hex are monster IDs
FF = Arsenal
FE = Apollo
OO = Fungus
For the Hex 60 & E1
Can you go in a little more detail about 'encounters' and 'group sizes' ?

Thanks in advance, once I clear these two hurtles I will be ready to a final test and release this hack !

Magic: the Gathering / [STD] Green_Red_Blue Gates
« on: 2019-Feb-02 07:22 »
Hello everyone, been playing and updating this deck for a while now.

Figured I would share it here so everyone can have fun with it :

Sorcery :
Flower // Flourish *1
Open the Gates *4
Shimmer of Possibility *2
Gates Ablaze *4
Circuitous Route *1

Land :
Forest *7
Gateway Plaze *1
Gruul Guildgate *4
Island *1
Izzet Guildgate *4
Mountain *1
Simic Guildgate *4

Instant :
Thrash // Threat *1
Growth Spiral *4
Syncopate *3

Artifact :
Traveler's Amulet *3
Glaive of the Guildpact *1

Enchantment :
Guild Summit *4

District Guide *2
Gatebreaker Ram *4
Wayward Swordtooth *1
Tatyova, Benthic Druid *2
Gate Colossus *1

--Side Board

Enchantment :
Psychic Corrosion *4

Instant :
Syncopate *1
Expansion // Explosion *1
Thrash // Threat *3

Sorcery :
Banfire *1
Gaea's Blessing *1
Circuitous Route *1

Artifact :
Fountain of Renewal *2
Amulet of Safekeeping *1

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Feb-02 06:58 »

Morning, still working away at this !
Okay, so I have figured out how to change which skills Mutants learn at each DS Level encounter.
Also, know understand how the shop items are programmed and how to edit them.

So, will need a little help with the following :


From your encounter page :
I am trying to understand how it works.
Can you go into a explanation or example of how the group or boss encounters work or even programmed in the game ?
I have been looking through the Excel file, but I am at a loss of how the Offsets and Hex values work with each other.


From your awesome Maps page :
You do an excellent job of displaying where each treasure chest is located and what it's contents are.
However, when going through the Offsets where the treasures are located
I am having difficult understanding how the Hex values and Offsets relate to the treasure location.
Can you give me an example Offset range and explain what the Hex values mean regarding that treasure location ?

Again, I hope you and your family has been able to stay warm during the deep freeze we have been having.
And hope you have better weather over this super bowl weekend.
Looking forward to hearing back from you soon !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-29 15:55 »

Hello again, I have busy Hex-Editing away !!
So I have now completed 4 tasks :
--Updated party & guest members base/starting stats
--Updated party & guest items/skills

This took a bit of time to get working right, but I have tested the first world and things look right to me  ^_^"

Okay, need some help/direct for the next steps :
--Change what monster/group appears in boss/un-skippable battles
--Change the type of skills mutants learn at each "DS Level"
--Change what items are sold at shops 
--Change what items or monsters appear in treasure chests 

1.) I am having difficulty finding the correct Offsets for where boss battles are stored.
Can you point me to where the two from the 1st world are (babywrm & rhino) ?

2.) Also having trouble understanding the Offsets for the Mutant learned skills (based on DS Level).
Plus looking to expand the number of skill a mutant can learn for each DS Level.

3.) Comfortable it the item's Hex number, but unsure about which shop is which. 
Will need a bit of direction.

4.) This one is really important, but the most difficult to figure out.
I really want to learn the Offsets for each chest in the game.
Also to learn how monster chests work.
Looking to add some super-monsters to some chests in the game !

Anyhow, I hope you are staying warm out your way

Magic: the Gathering / Re: [STD] IXA - DOM - GRN
« on: 2019-Jan-23 20:41 »

Gosh, I am really looking into upgrading to a 4K monitor/TV.
I know 8K is out now...but not a lot of media can display 8K.
Thanks, for the heads up
Those are new sites for me.
I think MTG-Arena should have had the update to support 4K monitors in the latest update (could be wrong tho')
Looking to update my motherboard (and other parts)
Before making the jump to 4K or 8K.

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-23 20:36 »

Hey friend, sorry for the delayed reply.
Been under the weather these past few days.
Recovered now and ready to report in !

So far, I have been able to edit the starting stats of the 'Human M' party member :

**Human M
--Offset 0x378E2 ~ 0x378E3 (read backwards xE3 - xE2)
HP Value (DEC *HEX) 59 *3B 00 ~ 80 *50 00
--Offset 0x378E4
STR Value (DEC *HEX) 6 *06 ~ 9 *09
--Offset 0x378E5
AGL Value (DEC *HEX) 5 *05 ~ 7 *07
--Offset 0x378E6
MANA Value (DEC *HEX) 3 *03 ~ 5 *05
--Offset 0x378E7
DEF Value (DEC *HEX) 3 ~ 03 ~ 5 *05

Next, I was able to solve the problem I was having with the item/skill limit for 'Human M'

**Human M
--Offset 0x378E8 ~ 0x378E9 (read backwards xE9 - xE8)
Skills Pointer Value 7F 7E ~ B5 7E
Skill Pointer Update 0x37E7F ~ 0x37EB5
--Offset 0x378E0
Race & Number of Skill Slots Value 01 ~ 03 (0 = Human & 3 = 4 slots)
--Offset  0x37EB5
Item Slot 0  00 ~ 4F  Punch
--Offset  0x37EB6
Item Slot 1  00 ~ 17  Bronze Shield
--Offset  0x37EB7
Item Slot 2  00 ~ 35  Bronze Armor
--Offset  0x37EB8
Item Slot 3  00 ~ 1D  Cure Potion

Whew, going to work on editing the other party members this week.
Hmm...the growth rates are a little difficult to understand.
Can you give me the offsets for 'Human M' 
And an example of the values of their growth rate ?
From Offset 0x33F90 I see :
 00 00 0A 0F 0A 0F 0A 0F 0A 0F...but unsure what it points to

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-19 18:59 »

Awesome, it sounds like I am really doing this !!
Okay, so now I have correctly located :
-- Human M's starting items Offset
-- Human M's base/starting Hp, Str, Agl, Mana, Def

Question #1,

Can you explain a bit more about "Unused space in the same memory bank" ?
I will google and research this a bit more, in the mean time.
Very interested in giving party members and enemy monsters more skills/attacks. 

Question #2,

On the Excel sheet tab "Monster"
What does the values in the "Type/#Skills" column represent ?

Question #3,

I think I have found the offsets for the "human, mutant growth rates"
But a bit confused on how to interpret how the hex values are entered.
Under the "Magic" tab I can see the "Stat Up Rate"
Can you explain what these values are
Or rather what they represent ?
I am having problems understanding the math behind them.
Again, thanks for taking the time to assist me with this issues.
I am very happy to have found this site
And it is nice to learn something new each day !


I think I have found what is up from my earlier question #5
On the excel sheet tab 'Monster'
Column K is marked as 'Skills List'
Human M's value is listed as '7E7F'
Which looks to be the values from
Offset 0x378E8 = 7F and Offset 0x378E9 = 7E

Question #4,

Does Offset 0x378E8 ~ 0x378E9 contain the range/pointers
From where the game reads that character's starting items/skills ?

Question #5,

If I change these HEX values on these offsets
Will the game read the values from another location ?

Magic: the Gathering / Re: [STD] IXA - DOM - GRN
« on: 2019-Jan-19 18:39 »
Like do you make them on MTG-Online to test them out ?

Currently working on making a "GATES" deck with the new cards I got from today's sneak peek.

I really like the new gate 8/8 card with the new gate green creature !

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-18 15:55 »

Oh man...I think I got a part, but will need you to verify
Starting to get a feel for your Excel sheet
First question, in a Hex Editor would this be correct ?

**Human M
Offset -- 0x37E7F
Long Sword
Offset -- 37E7F
Hex -- 01
Bronze Armor
Offset -- 37E80
Hex -- 35

**Human F
Offset -- 0x37E81
Rapier Sword
Offset -- 37E81
Hex -- 0F
Bronze Armor
Offset -- 37E82
Hex -- 35

Question 2, if this is correct
Is it possible to add more items or starting abilities to these characters ?
And if so, how would I add more with out erasing someone else's items ?

Question 3, where can I locate the starting stats (HP, STR, etc) for Human M ?


Okay, trying to find the Offsets for Stats
Am I looking in the right place ?

Fungus ID = 0
Offset -- 0x36F80
Type/#Skills = 20
Offset -- 36F80 ~ 36F81 (read backwards)
Hp = 45
Offset -- 36F82 ~ 36F83 (read backwards)
Str = 5
Offset -- 36F84
Agl = 3
Offset -- 36F85
Mana = 5
Offset -- 36F86
Def = 6
Offset -- 36F87

Question 4, if this is correct
What do Offsets 0x36F88 ~ 0x36f8B do...or rather what are they used for ?

**EDIT 2**

Man, work hard since the break through !!
Can you check to see if these Offsets are correct ?

Human M
Offset -- 0x378E0
Type/#Skills = 01
Offset -- 378E0 ~ 378E1 (Backwards)
Hp = 59
Offset -- 378E2 - 378E3 (Backwards)
Str = 6
Offset -- 378E4
Agl = 5
Offset -- 378E5
Mana = 3
Offset -- 378E6
Def = 3
Offset -- 378E7

Question 5, Offset 0x378E8 = 7F and Offset 0x378E9 = 7E
What do these Offsets do/represent ?
I am really feeling it...but these two Offsets are a mystery to me

Magic: the Gathering / Re: [STD] IXA - DOM - GRN
« on: 2019-Jan-17 17:30 »
Oh snap, these are some of the new cards !

I noticed the list is out now : 

I am going to try and check out the sneak peak this weekend 

Are you making this deck in paper or online ?

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-17 17:27 »

Thanks again for the swift reply !
Cool, I will take the ROM file and open it with the HxD program.
So HEX represents 16 values (0 ~ F)
And the '0x' shortens the 16 values ?
Like if I see 0x1234, it would be the same as 0000000000001234 ?
Okay, so for you example, the start would be 0x37980 and the end is 0x37EB4
Inside this range of data would be where the 'monster abilities' are listed ?
So the skills/attacks would then be under the ''Weapon" tab ? the range is 0x37980 ~ 37EB4
And, from the "Monster" tab, Human M's skill list has a value of 7E7F
So 0x7E7F is really 0x37E7F ?
And would 0x37E7F be where Human M's equipment/skills are located ?
Again, thanks for taking the time to explain...I am learning so much in each exchange !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-15 15:44 »

First off, you are amazing
Thanks for taking the time to reply
I know I have been throwing a lot out there, but I am so happy to find a place that has resources about this game !!
Second, let me back up a bit
So with HxD, I believe I can edit my emulated save file to change a few things
With that said, can I use HxD to permanently modify the game ?
Or would I need some other tool to do that ?
Been hoping around for GB hacking tutorials
But most are just pokemon stuff on the GitHub website.
Will continue to look around...still don't feel very comfortable with it yet.
Yes, that is the difficult I am having using the excel file (finding the offsets)

From the "neoMonster" tab I see the :

?? / DS
Combat Image

But I am unsure where the Offsets are to change these values.
Am I looking at the correct tab, or is there another tab that contains the games offsets ?


So I just found out about a feature in HxD
Under "Search" and "Goto…"
Which will let me type in the offset !!
Under the neoMonsters tab
I see that Monster Human M
Skills are listed as 7e7f
So what is the '0x' part of '0x7e7f' for ?
When I input it into HxD I get an error...I feel very close to understanding this
But I feel I am still missing something

Magic: the Gathering / Re: [MTG] Online Play ?
« on: 2019-Jan-15 15:28 »

Aww...well it is nice to find someone else who is into the game.

People mainly play Cardfight Vanguard and Pokémon TCG at my locals.

Oh snap, so you make cards for wizards !?.

Like do you drawn them or decide what the cards do ?

I feel that, a few years ago I got into MTGO  (best 10 bucks I spent at the time)

It was really cool only spending pennies for cards.

I got to do a lot of testing before switching to paper.

Currently I am giving MTG-Arena a shot

It looks and sounds nice !!

Though it is a bit more tricky to get cards.

I would still recommend you try out arena for at least a day...people seem to really talk bad about it for some reason.

But yeah, I would like to pay you in a standard match some time.

I am planning on checking out the sneak peak this weekend !!

Games General / Re: How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-11 23:21 »
just use hex editor, the spreadsheet where I log my findings about ROM data, and the combat script that was reverse engineered.


Thanks for the share !!
Just noticed that it is under the utility files on your main page : 
Hmm, this is a of information to analyze.
* some of the tab columns are a bit tricky to understand *
Also, when looking up hex editors what program would you recommend for windows 10 ?
* only once I have found was one called HxD *
What I would like to try out first would be editing a humans or mutants stat growth.
I recall they have a chance to gain stats after battle
But I want to learn more about it and then modify it a bit


Oh, one other question
Is it possible to add more weapons / items to the game ?
Or can I only edit what is already there ?
Currently working on learning how to edit the starting stats of the party
* might need a little direction with this *


Okay, after a weekend of reading how to hex edit
I think I am starting to understand a bit more.
So I am using HxD as my hex editor program
And I can open the "ROM" with this program

Here are my current goals, in order :
-- Change party starting stats
-- Change party starting inventory/skills
-- Change party stat growth rates
-- Change guest stats
-- Change guest inventory/skills

Currently working on the first one
From your excel sheet
I see that "Human M" is setup like this :

Monster Human M
??/DS 10
Comba + Image 00
Type/Skill 01
HP 59
Str 6
Agl 5
Mana 3
Def 3
Skills 7e7f
0 Long Sword
1 Bronze Armor

Still learning about Offsets and such
Open to direction and advice

Guestbook / Re: Guests : Post Away!
« on: 2019-Jan-11 23:07 »

Oh yeah ?

The user "amuseum" seems to have posted all of the information :

But thanks to them...I am here now and get to chat with it's creator !!

It looks like the last update was version 3.003 from back in 2007.

Would you be open to the idea of posting the updated information to that site ?

Magic: the Gathering / [MTG] Online Play ?
« on: 2019-Jan-10 17:46 »
Hello there, always nice to find a forum of MTG players !!

Does anyone else here play MTG online ?

I currently play both of these :

Really enjoying the currently standard format

Still working on a commander deck !

Guestbook / Re: Guests : Post Away!
« on: 2019-Jan-10 17:41 »
Was able to register today !!

Really liking the website / forum.

Will you be updating the romhacking page with the latest version of the FFL2 hack : 

Games General / How to edit / hack FFL2
« on: 2019-Jan-10 17:31 »
Hello there, just started playing your version 5102 hack of FFL2.

And was wondering what resources are available to hack / modify the original game ?

Really want to educate myself on how to do thanks in advance !

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