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Title: [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
Post by: break on 2020-Mar-14 10:04
Hey there, hope you all have been well !
First off, the Worksheet for Final Fantasy Legends II has been very helpful in learning how to edit the game.
What I noticed this week, is that with the Windows 10 version of MS-Excel
You are unable to open the ".XLS" or ".ODS" file.
Instead it says that the file is corrupt and refuses to open the file.
So what I have attached here is a ".ZIP" file, when extracted,
Contains the same FFL2-Worksheet
But in formats that the latest MS-Excel software can read/open.


You are welcome to update the "Utility Files for Download" sections here : 

With any of these files...rather it might be easier to create a ".7z" file with every format of the Worksheet file in it ?
Again, thank you and I hope this is helpful to someone !
Title: Re: [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
Post by: Den on 2020-Mar-14 13:44
The contents of that file is way outdated.

I don't have MS Excel, so I can't export, verify, or support that format any more.

I updated the website to only show link to .ods file.

Title: Re: [EXCEL] FFL2 Worksheet
Post by: break on 2020-Mar-14 19:33

Yeah, I thought about just making a new Worksheet file from scratch
But have not had the time to make a new/updated one.
Funny thing is, I did not know that Open-Office had updated their software last year
Which, even after updating, can still open/read the old file.
Again, your Worksheet file contains so much good information !
If I get around to typing up a new one
Will be sure to share it here...I feel like I own you and this site so much  ^_^" 

Off-topic...currently scratching my head about monster encounters.
I have figured out how to change/edit what type of monster appears in the encounter
But unable understand how to edit how "many" of and enemy can appear.
Also how the game points to a stored enemy battle group.
Will make a topic about it here later
Currently testing my Meat/Item drop edits !