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Title: [FFL2] Item/Skill Edit ?
Post by: break on 2020-Mar-07 15:49
Gosh, on a roll this weekend !
Finally learned how to edit names and such.
All of these new skills have me pumped up.
Speaking of skills, I am ready to learn how to tackle
How to edit the game's items/skills.

So, it looks like at Offset: 00032F80 ~ 00032F87
Contains the information for the item "Hammer"
However, I am a bit confused on what information each Offset contains :

00032F80 = A1
00032F81 = 00
00032F82 = 00
00032F83 = 31
00032F84 = 06
00032F85 = 00
00032F86 = 90
00032F87 = 2B

It appears that most of the items are structured this way.
Currently looking into how these Offsets are flagged and such.
Now that I have learned how to rename things, I hope I can figure out all of the
Possible combinations of properties that items/skills can have.
Going to work on this and try to figure some things out.
Will edit or reply as I am able to discover more.