Shena'Fu's Card Creator -- Set Importer



## Instructions ##

		* Set Importer allows you to import cards en masse. Perfect for importing entire sets at once. Then, to view your cards, visit (http://deb9/magic/cclist/creator), where creator should be replaced by your set's creator field value.
		* Accepted formats: VSV, JSON

### [[VSV]] ###

	* The preferred format used for the import text is VSV (Versatile Separated Values).
	* Each row is a series of text strings that are delimited by the first nonspace character.
	* Default delimiter is ` backtick, which should be safe for importing most Magic cards.
	* If the backtick is used in your data, use a different delimiter for that row--a character not found in that row's field or data.
	* The first text string in each row is the field name.
	* The second text string in each row is the data for the corresponding field. This must not be separated onto new lines. For rulestext, flavortext, and extra, use ^ caret to signify newlines.
	* Fields have no defined order. However, note when cardname should be used. See [[Cards]] section below.

	* Examples:

		`creator`So Ling
		`cardname`Avatar of Darkness
		$rulestext$This data has ` backtick. So the delimiter for this row is the dollar symbol.^This caret signifies a newline in the rules box.

### [[Meta]] ###

	* Meta fields apply the same value to all cards.
	* Any changes to a meta field will affect all subsequent cards.
	* All meta fields are optional.
	* Default values:


	* Baseframe sets the frame used for all cards. Individual cards can set the `frame` field to override for that particular card.

	* Suggest that you create a new `creator` for every set you want to import.

	* Examples:

		`creator`Space Conflict

### [[Cards]] ###
	* Any number of cards can be imported at once. Simply create a new row that starts with `cardname`, for every card you want to import.
	* Cardname must be the first field when creating a new card. Any fields after it will be applied to this card.
	* All fields are optional, except cardname.
	* All non-meta fields reset to default values for each new card.

	* For rulestext, flavortext, and extra, use ^ caret to signify newlines.
	* Color is a single letter from this set: [cwubrgmqaoykpt].
	* Planeswalker loyalty and Scene fate uses the `powertoughness` field.
	* Land cards should do `border`l
	* Rarity ranges from 1 to 5, in increasing rarity. Can also be any letter from this set: [curme].
	* Split and Flip cards use ;; double semicolon to separate the data between the halves of a card.

	* Examples:

		`cardname`Jace, the Amazing Grace
		`rulestext`[+1] This is paragraph one.^[-2] This is paragraph two.^[-8] This is the Ultimate.

		`cardname`My Land
		`rulestext`{t}: Add {c}.

		`CardName`Split ;; Card
		`ManaCost`W1 ;; U2
		`Color`W ;; U
		`RulesText`Left half rules text. ;; Right half rules text.
		`Extra`Fuse (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand.)

### [[JSON]] ###

* JSON object should have two elements: "meta" and "cards". Where "meta" is an object containing the meta fields, and "cards" is an array of objects, where each object represents a card and its fields.
* JSON cards and respective fields and data are processed and validated the same as VSV. See [[Meta]] and [[Cards]] sections above.

* Ex. {"meta":{"creator":"JSON","baseframe":"vogonhd","seticonurl":"localhost/images/magic/seticon-sik_zuey.png"},"cards":[{"cardname":"Digger of Land","manacost":"3","color":"A","supertype":"Artifact Creature","cardtype":"Artifact Creature — Construct Soldier ","subtype":"Construct Soldier ","powertoughness":"2/2","rarity":"C","rulestext":"When Digger of Land enters, dig four cards for a land card, reveal it, put it into you hand, and tuck the rest randomly."}]}