MTG Autocard upon Mouseover
by Dennis X. Voong
(a.k.a. Lord of Atlantis @ mtgsalvation forums)

I'm the original creator of this concept back in 2009, before everyone else copied this idea.

This is a userscript I wrote that lets you view a card's image when you mouseover a link in Magic related sites, including, mtgsalvation, starcity, etc.

Download the script here:

Last updated 2020/05/01, version 1.66

For Opera, save this script in userjs folder.
For Firefox, install Greasemonkey add-on. Click the link and install the script.

Also avaiable for WordPress, as part of MTG Utilities addon.

Test the script

Watch the script in action:

Or get the high quality video.


Manual links

In cases where cards are not linked already, such as poster forgets to surround card in forum code or at sites like GameFaqs (but first, add the site to the list of included sites at the top of the script), you can manually create a link that points to the card using the function autocard_text2link(). One way to do this is through a context menu item (aka hotclick menu) and call the javascript function provided by this script. Instructions for Opera follows.

In Opera, copy or modify standard_menu (1).ini. Under [Hotclick Popup Menu], add a line like this:
Item, Autocard Link				= Go to page, "javascript:autocard_text2link();"

Go to Tools, Preferences, Advanced, Toolbars, Menu Setup, and unselect and reselect the modified menu. Now, when you go to a supported site, select the unlinked card name, right click the selected text, choose Autocard Link. The card name will turn into a link that can now be clicked on and will popup the card image when you move the mouse cursor over it.

Test the manual link creation by selecting the following text
Lord of Atlantis
Lord of Atlantis