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Mutant Skills Guide

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Mutant Skills FAQ in text format

There are a total of thirty-two special abilities that mutants can learn. They are listed above, in order. Now I discuss the relationship between the mutant abilities and the DS level of the monsters. (DS is named after dragonspirit from GameFaqs.)

The DS level that determines what abilities a mutant learns is the same DS level that determines the evolution path for monsters. The DS can go from 0 to F, but for mutants, we are only concerned with 1 to A, since that is the highest regular monster you will encounter in Central Shrine. Furthermore, the best abilities, therefore the hardest to learn, can be gotten from these monsters in the Central Shrine as well--with much luck of course. Each unique boss also has a corresponding DS. To get the DS level of all monsters in the game, please check out the monster evolution chart or the monster stats page.

Anyway, for each DS from 1 to A, there are a set of abilities that can be first obtained at that level. For example, on the first world, you can learn Cure, Warning, Fire, O-Poison, and Ice from the regular DS 1 monsters that reside on that world. From there on, you can also acquire these same skills on higher worlds. In other words, any monster with a DS of 1 or higher can also give your mutants any of these five abilities.

As another example, the DS 5+ category is Gaze, and Surprise, StonGaze. Any monster or boss that you fight that has at least a DS 5 has a chance to give your mutants one of the three abilities that were mentioned in this example.

On the same note, any monster or boss can teach an ability of a lower DS than itself. That's why you hear some players can get Teleport or P-Blast early by defeating Dunatis. It has a DS B, which is higher than the necessary DS 9 for P-Blast or DS 8 for Teleport.

Note that there are two Mirror skills in the game. The Mirror that mutants can learn reflects magic back to the attacker. The other Mirror, which mutants cannot learn, boosts the user's agility. (Aside, I therefore took the liberty to rename the first Mirror to Reflect in my ROM).

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