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There are five stats in FFL2: HP, STR, AGL, MANA, and DEF. Each character type (humans, mutants, robots, monsters) gain these stats differently. This variety is the main ingredient for superb replay value.

Character types grow stats differently. Humans and Mutants raise them after battles, and some potions give them permanently. Robots get them from their equipment. Monsters' stats are preset by the game designers.

HP: Hit Points. HP is reduced by physical and magical damage. When a character's HP reaches 0, e becomes stunned until after combat, then e is automatically revived with 1 HP left. Max HP is 999.

STR: Strength. A character with higher STR will deal more damage with physical weapons such as swords and axes. STR also affects counterattack skills like Counter and Revenge sword. Max STR is 99.

AGL: Agility. Characters with higher AGL tend to go first in battle, and have a better chance to hit and evade their enemies and run away. Weapons like Rapier and Catclaw do damage based on AGL. Max AGL is 99.

MANA: Mana. Higher mana means doing more damage with and resisting magical spells, having a better chance to hit with status-affecting spells like Sleep and Death, and healing more HP with Cure. Max MANA is 99.

DEF: Defense. DEF prevents a proportional amount of damage from physical attacks. Defense is improved by equipping various pieces of armor and shileds that protect the chest, head, hands, and feet. Max DEF is 99.


Humans can be a strong race provided you put in the time to raise their stats and they have the proper equipment. They get eight slots for weapons, armors, and miscellaneous items. Their best stats are HP, Str, and Mana.

Humans get a lot of HP relatively fast: about 1 in 11 battles. Their approximate growth rate for other stats:
Str: 1 in 15
Def: 1 in 256
Agl: 1 in 18
Mana: 1 in 5.

Since armor cover four parts of the body, it makes sense to use four slots to maximize DEF. The remaining four slots should carry weapons and spellbooks that raise your stats, especially Agility and Mana.

Punch, Kick, and the like are great for raising Agility. They start out with minimal or no damage, but they get stronger as you use them up. The last few uses can do crazy damage. Judo is most efficient cost-wise.


Mutants get stats by using the appropriate weapon, but they can also learn monster-like skills. They can have up to four of these skills and the remaining slots for equipment, which varies between four and seven.

Mutants' growth rate differs from the Humans. Raising Def is very easy for them: about 1 in every 7 battles. Other stats:
HP: 1 in 15
Str: 1 in 50
Agl: 1 in 18
Mana: 1 in 8.

Skills gained from combat are mostly unique to Mutants and Monsters. When these skills run out, go to the inn to replenish them. The best, thus the hardest skills a mutant can learn include O-All, Recover, and Flare.

I prefer to keep the maximum four slots for skills. Cure is permanent. At least one is for Fire and the like, and a few defensive ones such as O-Weapon or Warning. Mix and match if you have more than one mutant.


Robots are as powerful as the weapons, armors, and items they equip. In addition to O-Pa/Po, they have seven slots available for weapons and equipments that give them direct bonuses to their stats, except mana.

Many veterans like to focus their robots on agility with such weapons as Rapier, Sabre, Lasers, CatClaw and Samurai Bow. There's also an exploit involving Punch, etc. to give them permanent Agl and HP.

When a Robot equips a useable item, especially weapons, the number of uses is halved. However, when they run out, don't throw them away. Instead, go to the inn to replenish their uses up to half the maximum amount.

DEF values from armor are calculated differently than those for Humans and Mutants. Also, Robots can equip more than one piece of armor in the same slot. For instance, a Robot can wear two chest armors, even two Parasuits!


Monsters grow stronger by eating the meat left behind by defeated monsters. They cannot equip any items, so they do not spend much money at all. Monster can have various strengths and weaknesses.

My favorite monsters are the Sprite family. They have excellent mana plus basic spells like Cure and Thunder. Titania, arguably the best monster in the game, also gets Flare and Erase, two of the best spells in the game.

You can get a strong class C monster like Sprite or O-Bake as soon as you reach Desert Town. However, this will require you to start with Baby-D and not have him eat any meat until you arrive at Ashura's World.

There are twelve monster subtypes comprised of three families. For example, the Undead subtype consists of the Skelton, Zombie, and O-Bake families. Some weapons or skills wreck a certain type or subtype.


The eight status ailments are Ston, Curs, Blnd, Stun, Slep, Para, Pois, and Conf. They are short for Stoned, Cursed, Blind, Stunned, Sleeping, Paralyzed, Poisoned, and Confused. (Note flag order for hacking.)

Healing is automatic after battle for all conditions except Blnd, Curs, and Ston. Loss of stats is temporary until the ailment is healed. Healing is also done with Heal skill, proper potions, Elixier, and after being stunned.

Stun and Ston: A stunned or stoned character is basically dead. A stunned character is revived after battle with 1 HP. A stoned character remains stoned unless he is healed with Soft Potion or Elixier or the Heal ability.

Slep, Para, Conf: Characters put to sleep or paralyzed lose their turns until they wake up or break out of paralysis. Confused characters act with a random skill they have and may attack their own teammates.

Pois: Poison causes a character to lose HP of about 10% of their max HP at the end of every turn. It also affects damage returned by counter-attacks. Skills based on Poison cause either damage or this ailment, not both.

Blnd and Curs: Both of these ailments stay after battle. Blind characters lose half their agility, which will also affect damage based on agility. Those who are cursed lose half their strength and defense.

O-Para resists 6 of 8 conditions: Slep, Para, Conf, Curs, Blnd, and Stun. O-Poison resists Pois. O-Stone resists Ston. O-Pa/Po is both O-Para and O-Poison. O-Change is all of O-Pa/Po, O-Ston, and O-Weapon.


This section attempts to extrapolate and to describe important game formulae as best as I could from empirical data. (If you have my Excel file, you can follow some of the experiments under the Hex worksheet.)

Magical Damage = (200 - DefenderMANA) * AttackerMANA * SpellMultiplier / 200. IOW DefMANA / 200 gives percent of damage resisted. Almost all Robots have 0 MANA, so they take all the damage.

Being strong against elemental magic stops the magic attack altogether. Weak against elemental magic means DefMANA is equivalent to 0; that is, the defender takes all the damage.

Physical Damage = WeaponDamage + Random(AttackerSTR) - DefenderDEF * 5. Most physical weapons and monster attacks follow this rule. O-Weapon halves the final damage, but some weapons bypass it.

ToHitRate = 100% - 2 * (DefenderAGL - AttackerAGL). With physical attacks, you need AGL to hit and to evade. An AGL of about 85 would give at least 70% chance to hit the strongest monsters in the late game.

Taijutsu Damage = Modifier*(90-UsesLeft). Taijutsus are these equippable items: Punch, Kick, HeadBut, X-Kick, Jyudo and Karate. Fewer uses left, more damage dealt. Final use deals extra damage.

Counter-Attack Physical Damage = (max(damageTaken, defenderSTR*2) * itemModifier / 10 + defenderSTR); half STR values if poisoned. Physical counters are Revenge, Counter.

Counter Magical Damage = defenderMANA * itemMultiplier + Random(MANA), then Damage--(Damage * attackerMANA / 200); attackerMANA = 0 if weak against element. Burning is Fire.

Gold after Battle =


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