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neoFFL2 Files

  1. My fixed version neoFFL2 v1.002 of Final Fantasy Legend 2 whence I took the screenshots below.
  2. neoFFL2 v2.001 with modified mutant skills.
  3. neoFFL2 v3.001 with new modified mutant skills list, boosts monster attacks, and reduces armor bonus for robots.
  4. neoFFL2 v3.003 (IPS) added on Dec 27, 2007. Modified shop lists, translations, weapon effects.
  5. neoFFL2 v3.004b1 (IPS) added on Jan 16, 2008. Beta 1. Replaced agility weapons with whips and spears.
  6. neoFFL2 v4.101 Fixed game bugs and other improvements.
  7. neoFFL2 v5.000 Item uses and prices reduced.
  8. neoFFL2 v5.100 Sweeping weapons that attack front row of enemies. Another DS B monster fight.
  9. neoFFL2 v5.301 New Robot starter. Mutants eat meat to gain stats. Multi-hit daggers and skills.
  10. neoFFL2 log of changes to the aforementioned ROMs

neoFFL2 Screenshots

neoFFL2 screenshots
note the long names

input name

Input names up to 8-letters long


Combat screen shows long names


Abilities screen shows long names


Magi screen also works for long names

main menu

Main menu makes room for long names

saving or loading a game

Save screen shows the long names

select screen

Long names in change order screen

Map of Celestial World

Celestial Map


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