Monster Evolution Chart

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Subtype Level 0 Col 1 Class Level 1 Col 4 Col 5 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 DS level
Plant Fungus 0 A Fungus 18 -18 Mushroom Champgno Shiitake Toadstol 156AB
Flower 1 B Flower 18 -18 P-Flower F-Flower SunPlant DarkRose 269AB
MapleMan 2 C MapleMan 18 -18 LiveOrk EvilPine MadCeder Treant 457AB
Hard Pebble 3 A Pebble 21 -15 Cobble Boulder Rock Earth 237AB
Woodman 4 B Woodman 21 -15 Clayman Stoneman Ironman Mazin 357AB
Hofud 5 C Hofud 21 -15 Gae Bolg Answerer Moaner Kusanagi 478AB
Soft Slime
6 A Slime 24 -12 Jelly Tororo Pudding SlimeGod 246AB
Worm 7 B Worm 24 -12 P-Worm LavaWorm SandWorm GigaWorm 358AB
Big Eye 8 C Big Eye 24 -12 Gazer Watcher Evil Eye Beholder 479AB
Insect Spider 9 A Spider 27 -9 P-Spider Tarantla F-Spider Arachne 147AB
Beetle 10 B Beetle 27 -9 Chafer Ant Lion C-Fisher Scarab 256AB
Moth 11 C Moth 27 -9 Swallow FireMoth Gloom Madame 468AB
Marine Octopus 12 A Octopus 30 -6 Amoeba Ammonite Squid Kraken 236AB
Barracud 13 B Barracud 30 -6 Piranha Shark Gunfish Leviathan 268AB
Crab 14 C Crab 30 -6 Hermit IceCrab KingCrab Dagon 379AB
Reptile Toad 15 A Toad 33 -3 P-Toad HugeToad GianToad KingToad 159AB
Snake 16 B Snake 33 -3 Serpent Anaconda Hydra Jorgandr 267AB
Tortoise 17 C Tortoise 33 -3 Turtle Adamant D-Turtle Gen-Bu 458AB
Dragon Lizard 18 A Lizard 3 -33 Cameleon Komodo Salamand Basilisk 146AB
Rhino 19 B Rhino 3 -33 Triceras Dinosaur T Rex Behemoth 368AB
20 C Baby-D 3 -33 Young-D Dragon Great-D Sei-Ryu 589AB
Bird BabyWyrm 21 A BabyWyrm 6 -30 Wyrm Kid Wyvern Wyrm FengLung 247AB
Eagle 22 B Eagle 6 -30 Thunder Cocatris Roc Su-Zaku 259AB
Raven 23 C Raven 6 -30 Harpy Ten-Gu Garuda Nike 459AB
Mammal Jaguar 24 A Jaguar 9 -27 SabreCat SnowCat BlackCat Byak-Ko 148AB
Silver 25 B Silver 9 -27 Kelpie Nitemare Sleipnir Unicorn 348AB
Griffon 26 C Griffon 9 -27 Mantcore Chimera Sphinx Kirin 469AB
Morph Fly 27 A Fly 12 -24 Hornet Mosquito Cicada Mantis 157AB
WereRat 28 B WereRat 12 -24 WereWolf CatWoman Rakshasa Anubis 258AB
Medusa 29 C Medusa 12 -24 Lamia Naga Scylla Lilith 489AB
Spirit Goblin 30 A Goblin 15 -21 Oni Ogre Giant Susano-O 136AB
31 B Fiend 15 -21 Mephisto Demon DemoLoad Athtalot 378AB
Sprite 32 C Sprite 15 -21 Fairy Nymph Sylph Titania 579AB
Undead Skelton 33 A Skelton 18 -18 Red Bone Warrior BoneKing Lich 126AB
Zombie 34 B Zombie 18 -18 Ghoul Ghast Wight Revenant 248AB
O-Bake 35 C O-Bake 18 -18 Phantom Wraith Spector Ghost 578AB
Special meats
Special meats
6 A Plasma 24 -12 Phagocyt Corpuscl Cancer 346A
6 A Grippe 24 -12 Virus Pathogen Plague 347A
20 C TianLung 3 -33 TianLung B
24 A OdinCrow 9 -27 Fenrir 7B

Class Modifier Chart Monster Meat
A meat B meat C meat
A eats... 0 0 +1
B eats... -1 0 +1
C eats... -1 0 0

Monster level and class:

There are three classes of monsters (A, B, C). Generally, Class C monsters are better: Big-Eye/Beholder, Sprite/Titania, O-Bake/Ghost. Plasma and Grippe monsters behave like Slime. The other special meats also have a class and a related family.

Figuring what family of Monster after eating a meat:

Finding the resulting family involves some math. When you eat a meat, add the number in column 4 or 5 (either one will work) of the meat monster to the number in the first column for your monster. Then Add class modifiers (A,B,C) according to the chart. You should end up with a number between 0 and 35, inclusive. That's the number in the first column, so that's the family your monster will become.

Example: The Baby-D that I started out with ate several samples of meat. Baby-D has 20 in first column. Add that to the meat's modifier in column 4 or 5, for example, Jaguar has modifier 9 or -27. Last, Baby-D is Class C and ate Class A Jaguar meat, so subtract 1. The result is 20+9-1=28, WereRat. You get the same result if you subtract 27 because then you would continue from the bottom starting with the O-Bake family.

When adding, if you get a number larger than 35, continue from the top. And when subtracting, resume from the bottom if you get less than 0, starting with O-Bake.

Next step is to find the species, as demonstrated in next section.

Figuring the species:

Each monster has a DS level which corresponds to the area you can find the monster. After you find the family of monster you will become using the above method, you need to look in last column--DS level. This has five digits--one for each species in that family. This digit I call the DS level.*

When you eat a meat, the higher of the two DS level between the original and the meat is taken, ie maxlevel (orig, meat). This is compared to the DS level of each species in the new family you become, starting from the strongest to weakest. If your number is equal or greater than the species, then you become that species. Else, you compare to the next weaker species until you reach the condition above, or reach the weakest species in the family. If your maxlevel (orig, meat) is smaller than the weakest species in the family, then you become that species. (If you're not careful, you can end up with a starting monster.)

The DS level is in hex, which uses letters A and B for 10 and 11: 123456789AB.

*Thanks to dragonspirit [DS] at GameFAQs.