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## Better Keyboard Layouts

BEAKL (Balanced Effortless Advanced Keyboard Layout) is a radical evolving theory and observations that strives to find the optimal efficient, ergonomic layout. The result is a series of progressively improved layouts as new discoveries and models are updated into the theory.

## Latest Recommended BEAKL Layout:

**BEAKL 27**: Outstanding performance for both English and non-English prose and code. In particular, excellent rolls, comfort, and intuitiveness. Easy to learn, quick to achieve fast typing speed.

![BEAKL 27](/images/kb-beakl-27-full.png)
BEAKL 27 (main layer): 32104 76598 qhoux gcmrv yiea. dstnb j",k' wflpz BEAKL 27 (shift layer): !@$#% ^(*)& QHOUX GCMRV YIEA` DSTNB J!?K' WFLPZ BEAKL (punctuation layer): ↹@$#↹ ~^` ↹<=> [_] \(-)+ %{;}! *:/⏎ |~& BEAKL (numpad layer): ↹+/*= yxz -523: ~FED 7.104 {CBA} ,698⏎ []% BEAKL (numpad layer shifted): ↹@$#% YXZ ![]= _fed &$#%| {cba} ;^<>⏎ ()\
## Customization
If you have issue with high same-finger hit rates on BEAKL 27, you may move some keys around. See below BEAKL 27-A. However, these changes rely more on pinky fingers, thus slower rolls involving the pinky. Nonetheless, it's a viable alteration that may suit your needs.

Any or all of the following may be swapped:
The layout below, BEAKL 27-A, shows the final layout if all three swaps are made.
BEAKL 27-A (main layer): qyoux gcmnv hiea. dstrp j",k' wflbz BEAKL 27-A (shift layer): QYOUX GCMNV HIEA` DSTRP J!?K' WFLBZ
## Learn More

* Learn about the [history of BEAKL](history.php)