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Warsong Solo Walkthrough

I don't see anyone ever mentioning finishing Warsong with just Garett, so I thought I'd try it and write about it. I've been thinking of doing it for a long time, but I wasn't sure it was possible. So I tried the 2-commander first. But, that was quite a while ago. Now here I am trying to squeeze some more playtime from one of my favorite games.

What is Solo Commander?

To go solo means to go through the game with just Garett and his troops. 99% of the experience goes to him and not to the other commanders that you can control. You can use them to lure and to weaken the enemy, but they have to die by the end of the scenario that you first got them.

What's the best class for Garett?

Since this a test of endurance, it's crucial that Garett have the best defense at all times. So I suggest king or grand knight. If you've read my other FAQ on 2-commander, you'd understand that I much prefer the king over the grand knight. While it should be possible to solo with grand knight, I still like king for several reasons, so that's who I tried first. The grand knight is left as an exercise.

So why do I like the King so much? Among Garett's classes, the king is tied for the highest defense, which is extremely important since you lose the game if Garett dies. He will get hit a lot--after all, he's the only commander you are allowed. A good defense goes a long way for a solo game.

Related to defense are the bonuses against specific enemy types. King is soldier type, so that negates enemy dark elf bonuses against mounts. Grand knights are mounts, however, so they are still vulnerable to dark elves. For the most part, that won't matter if you're diligent at keeping your soldiers alive. However, you should stop buying soldiers once you have access to horsemen or archers. King is vulnerable to horsemen, but he also happen to have archers to protect Garett from enemy horsemen. Not to mention that the Archers are the best troop in the game. Furthermore, dark elves get to deal damage before Garett does. That means dark elves are a more dangerous threat than horsemen. All that said, I prefer to have an easier time against dark elves, which are more prevalent than horsemen anyway.

While the king is not a strong magician, his magic can be useful at times. It's nice to have some heals around in case something unexpected happens. You might need to heal Bayard in Scene 7. I actually used Magic Arrow more often than Heal, to weaken commanders and the troops around him when they have 1 or 2 health left.

Another advantage the king has over grand knight is terrain and movement. The king can climb onto castle walls for an incredible 40% defense bonus. This will come in handy when Garett is facing the bosses alone. A minor point about movement is that it costs grand knights 3 movement points to cross hills, whereas the king only expends 2 points.


Here's a quick rundown of the Scenarios. By the end of Scene 4 or beginning of scene 5, Garett should be King. During Scene 7, he should be maxed out at level 9. You can win the remaining scenarios by going straight for the winning conditions rather than worrying about experience.

Scene 1: To get king by Scene 4, you have to try to get as much experience here as you can. Aim for level 3 or 4. Exploit Baldarov to weaken the enemy lords and serpent knight. You're supposed to let Baldarov die here, but it's not a big deal since he dies by scene 5. The first few scenes are pretty easy anyway, so he doesn't really help much.

Scene 2: Buy 8 soldiers. Use some of them to keep Mina from moving north. I like to start Garett at the very bottom and work my way north. Let Garett drain the shamans' magic points. The barbarians will become weakened after attacking Garett, and then you can send in the soldiers to finish them off. Until you make Lord, keep Garett in forest tiles when fighting shamans. By the end of this scene, Garett should be a Lord--possibly level 2.

Scene 3: Already Garett can buy the overpowered archers, so you should get some for this scene. They will shoot down shaman and barbarians like flies. After you are done killing the closest enemy group, take care of the group flanking the north. Then come down and line up your archers vertically along the forest, and be ready to face the last wave of barbarians. Hopefully, Garett gets to level 8.

Scene 4: You get your first item, the sword that grants its wielder +2 attack. Hand it to Garett to help him shoot down slime after slime. You don't need any troops here, as they are pretty useless against slimes for the time being.

In order to get 2 levels worth of experience here, you need to find a nice spot where Garett can mow them down with ease. In other words, find road, water, and bridge tiles. If you look to the north, there is one such spot. Specifically, between the two groups of slimes at the north, stand in the deep water tile with bridge tiles directly to the west and south. Wait there for the dumb slimes to swarm to you, which could be a few turns.

Even though this scene lasts only ten rounds, that might be enough to crown Garett as king. Also remember that Sabra has joined you. I advise putting her to the side so that Garett can level up without distraction, even if that means keeping her alive for the next scene.

Scene 5: Mina and Thorne join you on your cause, and they give you the cross. It doesn't matter whether Garett gets sword or cross. Most of the fighting will be done by the archers. If Garett has been kinged already, that will give the archers a huge +6 attack this early in the game. That is enough even to offset the enemy soldiers' bonuses. Moreover, you want to protect your archers by staying in the forested region in the southeast corner.

While your forces will win quite effortlessly, there are some casualties. This is unfortunate for Mina, Thorne, and Sabra--who will be sent home in body bags.

Scene 6: Garett is all alone now, but that's no problem. This scene is very easy. Get a bunch of archers to rid the horsemen immediately, while Garett takes care of the soldiers. March Garett into the throne room and overthrow the wimpy lord sitting in your throne. Searching the basement, you discover Calais and Tiberon making out.

Scene 7: Calais and Tiberon come in handy in this scene. You can feed them to the crocodile knights while Garett charges ahead to aid Bayard. Garett starts out very close to level 9, so experience is not important anymore. All you need to do to finish up this scene is to kill Momus, a weeny fighter.

Scene 8: The quickest way to win this scene is to send Garett and his archers on the flanks, while Bayard attacks from the rear. The idea is to spread the enemy thin so that you can find an opening to the Chief Commander, whom can be defeated by Garett alone.

Scene 9: The last scene might have gone by too fast, so Bayard might still be around. But his time has come now, as he will also be crocodile food. Put Garett in the far left and move him straight toward the map's northern edge.

Scene 10: Once again, Garett is by himself. Hire some archers for some fun shooting time--the main targets being lizard men and dark elves. Go straight for the enemy wizards before they can fire off their spells. The reinforcements will come, but they are too late as you show them their leader's head on a pike.

Scene 11: Finally, the real action begins. Put Carleon with Garett so that you can hurry to the center of the castle.

I got quite a rush from this scene as I didn't stop to heal Garett, with his life at 4. Then Lance came, and then the gargoyles came. Meanwhile, Carleon is being slaughtered by the grand knights' soldiers. The archmage is sending fireballs at Garett, sending him to a measly 1 life, while his archers are sending showers of arrows at him, trying to take him out. Watch out for wyverns as they can also send some magic storm his way. Garett has to watch his back because the soldiers and gargoyles are dueling mere feet away from him.

He snuck his way into the center of the courtyard on the first opportunity.

Scene 12: Garett has had the shield for a while now, and this the best time to use it if you haven't already done so. That puts him at 31 AT 32 DF, just a bit shy of Emperor Pythion. However, that's more than enough for him to single-handedly clear the way to the throne.

Garett starts out at the left half of the map, so work your way up to the Kaiser. Make him get off the throne, and then go sit on it yourself. The throne gives a 40% defensive bonus. You should have upperhand now. Make him pay for his crimes, and snatch the Warsong from him.

Scene 13: This is the only scenario where I hired horsemen. Basilisks can stone Garett, so my strategy was to kill them fast. Basilisks don't shoot projectiles like most commanders. Instead they come in a group of ten. Hence, horsemen don't have a distinct disadvantage like they do against other commanders. And their total 27 AT is just enough to do fatal damage to Basilisks.

Start Garett by the right Basilisk. Immediately have Garett attack the Basilisk and horsemen to finish them off. As you move on to the next Basilisk, keep Garett out of their magic range, lest they turn him to stone.

The ants and slimes present no problems, for you have the Warsong. The Warsong is always equipped on Garett now, making his stats 35 AT 32 DF, which is pretty impressive. Impressive enough to solo the remaining bosses, in fact.

Scene 14: Lance joins your team as a Dragon Knight. Have him kill the first werewolf in the middle of town to start things off. After that move him in the opposite direction from Garett, wherever you put him. This scene is not hard, but it can take some time to find an opening to the commanders. Say goodbye to Lance here.

Scene 15: I made the mistake of sending horsemen to face the shaman and barbarians. Shaman is a shooter, so horsemen are not effective against them. If you need the Ifrit, you should send archers instead. Put Garett at the topmost position so the archers are the closest to the shaman. Use some archers to pull the barbarians away from the shaman, then send the others through the opening. He will not use magic on troops.

But you should try it without Ifrit. Just send Garett to assassinate the Gorgosaurs swiftly, then prepare for the duel with the dragon.

The Great Dragon. The nemesis you've all been waiting for. His stats are better, pound for pound, and he's got 30% defense bonus since he flies. You can also get that bonus if you head for the hills. It comes down to who gets a luckier streak. If the situation is something like Garett 6 and Dragon 4, go for the kill.

Scene 16: Pat yourself on the back if you had Garett solo the Dragon. Now, it's round 2.

The cave monsters present no danger to Garett. Start from the left and go counter-clockwise until you have defeated all the slimes and insects.

Now, get the Dragonslayer. Even though Garett already has equipped the Warsong, the Dragonslayer is even better. It does what its name says. You do want to slay the dragon, right? The dragon lost 7 levels, thus his offense is weakened. So that 1 point of DF you lost is not a big deal. On the other hand, you gained an extra point of AT, making him hurt even more. As before, take a chance at something like 6 on 4. Now, you've slain the dragon for good.

Scene 17: Time to put the archers back on the pay roster. There are six groups of wyverns and gargoyles coming to get your hide. Time is not on your side. Let them come close, then stick that Warsong through the wyverns' skulls before they can burn you with magic. Stay out of their magic range and you'll be fine. The Gorgosaurs are a joke.

Scene 18: You'd want to bring a full army, preferably archers. Don't let them die. You need them to lure the golems. Garett vanquishes the commanders as they line up for their visit to hell. Archers are also effective against queen ants.

Once you make it to Naxos and his golems, have the archers lure the golems to the north and south. This leaves a clear path through the middle for Garett to drive his sword through Naxos' dark heart.

Scene 19: You don't need troops here, although it's fun to watch them get confused and kill each other. This scenario is pretty straightforward. You don't have Ranger to break down the walls, so you have to go the long way around. They can't touch you cuz you're Superman.

Scene 20: The last scenario can be quite hard. The living armor can get you pretty good, and they come in droves. You may have to retreat to a safe place to treat. So bring some bodyguards. Once again, go for the commanders and stay out of their magic range. You can go toe-to-toe if you must.

When you get to Ganelon, watch out for his magic. His Thunder hits you for 2-6 each time it strikes. Kill his styracosaurs and get him to leave his throne. Garett's stats are better than his, so he shouldn't present any major problems.

Once you have disposed of him, Chaos will appear. His stats are exactly like Dragon's, except he doesn't fly, and this time you have the throne. It's kind of disappointing that the final boss is so easy.