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Warsong 2-man Walkthrough

The quickest way to win this game is to use only Garett and one Ranger. I prefer Sabra because she becomes a Lord. Your other options are Mina and Calais.

One thing about Rangers, besides their high attack value, is that they are immune to some spells like the Basilisks' stone or the Sorcerer's confusion and sleep. This will be important in Scenarios 13 and 19. Moreover, her Earthquake spell will let you win Scenarios 18 and 19 in five turns apiece.

Why is this the fastest?

1) All the experience is shared between 2 commanders, not 8. Garett and Sabra gain levels extremely fast, so you have a King and a Ranger much earlier than expected. This means they become much stronger than intended.

2) This also means less time thinking about which commander should get the kill. The King and Ranger can pretty much solo anything, and duo on the tough commanders.

3) Once both are maxed out in experience (scenario 13 at the latest), the remaining scenarios only require you to kill the scenario boss or the enemy commanders. Don't waste time killing the enemy units because you don't need any more experience.

4) If you have more than those two commanders, you have to worry about deselecting them from the menu for every scenario, which I like to avoid. Let all the other commanders die as early as possible to speed up the process of placing only those two commanders on the map.


Here's a quick rundown of the Scenarios. By the end of Scene 5, Garett should be King. During Scene 10, Sabra becomes a Ranger. By Scene 13, both should be maxed out at level 9. The remaining scenarios should go by really fast.

Scene 1: Let Garett kill as much as he can, but don't worry about getting levels.

Scene 2: Give all the xp to Garett. Let Baldarov's archer soften up the enemy and Garett's soldiers to finish them off. Garett should make Lord.

Scene 3: Buy Garett some archers. When facing each barbarian group, let Garett soften up the barbarians and let the archers finish them off. The archers are much better than soldiers against the commanders.

Baldarov should go around and absorb the spells. Other than Thorne, whom you can't control, all the exp should go to Garett. Even if you decide to pick Mina as your Ranger, she will have plenty of chances later on.

Scene 4: This is Mina's turn to shine, if you want her as your Ranger, but first make her a Warlock (not Priestess). If you want Sabra, just keep her out of harm's way. Nevertheless, give Garett a few kills, too.

Scene 5: Here is where we start to build up our Ranger, and at the same time, make Garett a King.

The future Ranger will start at the left and move up, staying by the mountains. There is a chokepoint where the hills meet the water at coords (9,8) counting from the top left corner. If done right, the 1st and 3rd commander will move south, then meet you by the chokepoint. Their soldiers and horsemen will have to cross the water to reach you, so you don't have to face so many at once. This also means you don't need any soldiers here. Also, give her the sword, since she will get 30% defensive bonus on the hill tile.

On the other hand, Garett should bring along some archers to handle Lance and the remaining horsemen. If Garett doesn't make King, he should be very close. However, long before you face Lance, put a commander on the bottom right to lure the 2nd and 4th commander to move south and away from the north chokepoint. This can be Garett, and if so, it will speed up the scenario by a bit--he needs the exp anyway.

As for Thorne and the other commander (Mina in my case), just let them die here, and bury them next to Baldarov.

Scene 6: Sabra enters this scene as a Lord, which means she can hire archers already. Put her at the right side, second from the top. Send her archers to kill the horsemen as fast as possible, before the soldiers come. If Garett is not king by now, he can help out as well. Put him next to Sabra. By the end of this scene, Garett is crowned king and Sabra is a level 5+ Lord.

Scene 7: Tiberon and Calais join you, but it's easy to let them die here. The majority of the exp goes to Sabra, but you need to send Garett to aid Bayard. So place the commanders like so, starting from the right: Garett, Sabra, Calais, Tiberon. Both Garett and Sabra should get 8 archers each. Mobilize everyone towards the bridge. Smartly place the archers on the bridge so that your archers fight the lizardmen on the bridge and not in the water.

Sabra stays behind to fight the serpent knights and his lizardmen. Garett should go ahead and finish the horsemen and solo the soldiers. His archers, being useless against soldiers, should go ahead and help Bayard kill the dark elves, even without commander bonuses. This does two things: keeps Bayard alive, and gives the exp to Garett, not Bayard.

By the time the reinforcements arrive, Sabra should have set up her archers on the road just south of Lance, and Garett's remaining archers get the other group of horsemen. However, remember to have Sabra get the bulk of the exp, including the fighters. If done right, she should become a Magic Knight here.

Scene 8: Bayard joins you, and unfortunately, he also dies here. Put him at the top and move him along the water, into the merciless hands of the royal soldiers and archers.

Garett and Sabra each get 8 archers. Garett is placed 2nd from the left and Sabra 2nd from the top. Garett moves north to face the dark elves, but his archers move west to face off against Lance. Sabra, being a Magic Knight, gives +6/+4 to her archers. They are still effective against soldiers, but very good against dark elves, fighters, and horsemen. What a great deal. Use Sabra to soften up the soldiers and her archers to finish them. Try to place them in forest tiles for the 40% defensive bonus.

Don't forget your mission though: don't let the Chief Commander get away. Use Garett to weaken the boss Lord whenever you can. Again, the bulk of the exp goes to the future Ranger.

Scene 9: Split up your forces and you can keep all of the experience. Garett goes to the left, and Sabra goes to the right. Both get 8 archers. (Gotta love them.) The enemy will chase you, but they cross the river very slowly. The serpent knight stops chasing you after a while. Then, just wait for the leviathans, which shouldn't be long. Hide in the forests and this should be easy as pie. Sabra is now very close to being a Ranger.

Scene 10: Sabra becomes a Ranger very early in this scene. Garett should be close to level 5 for the magic bonus.

Scene 11: Rangers don't get troops, so put her at the north. Garett hires some archers to fight against Lance and the gargoyles. Ranger can solo the gargoyles, but you must put her on the castle wall when facing them. Carleon is slain by the evil forces.

Scene 12: Your commanders are automatically placed: Garett in the left half, Ranger in the right. Garett and his archers can handle the two groups with no problems. Ranger will take a while to take down four groups. The remaining Lord and Emperor goes to the Ranger. By the time you finish, Garett is level 9 and Ranger at least level 5, but more likely closer to 9.

Intermission From this point on, Garett gets the Warsong and Ranger the shield, and you won't need troops, but they can be helpful at times.

Scene 13: All the exp goes to Ranger to max her out. Start her out at the bottom by the Basilisks. She is immune to the stones, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, I would take them out quickly, and if you still need xp, there are still slimes and ants.

Scene 14: Everyone is maxed out, including your new friend, Lance the dragon knight. You don't need a third commander, so send him to see his maker. Just go for the werewolf commanders and finish this scene by turn 6.

Scene 15: Ranger heads straight for the Great Dragon, while Garett plays catch up. Don't bother with the shaman. Done in a few turns.

Scene 16: Start out at the left and work your way down. Again, kill the commanders as soon as possible. The Great Dragon is secured in his nest, so it might take a while to find a clear spot. To do so, kill the styracosaurs. Since Garett has Warsong, Ranger gets Dragonslayer.

Scene 17: Bring along some archers just in case. Start on the right and move up. As the wyverns approach, kill it. Easy.

Scene 18: Place both at the top. Ranger casts earthquake to bring down the walls. Move across the ruins into Naxos' home. Finish by turn 5.

Scene 19: Place both at the bottom. Ranger casts earthquake to bring down the walls. Find a good spot to cast it since the walls between her and Mortimus might not fall so easily. Garett might be put to sleep, so it will be up to the Ranger to kill Mortimus. Finish by turn 5.

Scene 20: Stick together, start in one direction and work your way up. Go straight for the commanders. Not too tough. Ganelon is on a throne and casts magic, so it will take some time. On the other hand, Chaos should be quicker because he is on the move. In other words, it's easier to find a clear spot without spending time on the elementals.