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This page is dedicated to Pokemon. Pokemon (Pocket Monsters in Japan) is a game from Nintendo where you catch and raise these creatures and fight other trainers. In US you can get the Red and Blue versions on Gameboy. The difference is that some monsters cannot be found in the other version, so you have to trade to get all 150 Pokemon.

Game Information

Pokemon List
All moves' damage and effects
50 TM and 5 HM
Battle Type Chart

Game Help

To dispel any rumors of getting a Mew, the only sure way is to catch all 150 Pokemon and send in your Pokemon cartridge to Nintendo, OR use a gameshark / gamegenie.

To trade Red and Blue on the No$GMB, save your game outside, then rename the savegame file to the other color, and load the other color in NO$GMB and restore the game.

If you use no$gmb, you can link two or more gameboys. This way you can only play the same versions, ie red vs red, or blue vs blue. If you want to play red vs blue, first save one game outside of a building, then rename the savegame as the other color.

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