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Pocket Monsters List


No. HM Comment Location
No. HM Comment Location
1 Cut Cuts trees SS Anne
2 Fly Fly to visited city, outside only West of Celadon, Route 16
3 Surf Allows swimming Safari Zone
4 Strength Moves rocks Fuschia City
5 Flash Use in dark places Prof. Aide 10 pokemon, south of Pewter, Route 2


No. TM Type Comments Location
1 Mega Punch Normal Normal attack Celadon mart, 3k
2 Razor wind Flying Flying attack Celadon mart, 2k
3 Sword Dance Flying Pumps up Saffron Silph Co Bldg
4 Whirlwind Flying Removes enemy from combat Route 4
5 Mega Kick Fighting Fighting attack Celadon mart, 3k
6 Toxic Poison Poison attack Fuchsia Gym
7 Horn Drill Poison Bug Poison attack Celadon mart, 2k
8 Body Slam Fighting Fighting attack paralyze SS Anne
9 Take Down Normal Normal attack Celadon mart, 3k
10 Double-edge Normal Little damage to self Game Corner
11 Bubblebeam Water Water attack Cerulean Gym
12 Water Gun Water Water attack Mt. Moon
13 Ice Beam Ice Ice attack Celadon mart
14 Blizzard Ice Ice attack Cinnabar Isle
15 Hyperbeam Normal Normal attack Celadon
16 Pay Day Normal Normal attack enemy loses gold Route 12
17 Submission Normal Normal attack Celadon mart, 3k
18 Counter Normal Does twice damage from normal attacks Celadon mart
19 Seismic toss Normal Normal attack Route 25
20 Rage Normal Increases damage each round Route 15
21 Mega Drain Grass Drains life Celadon Gym
22 Solar Beam Grass Grass attack Cinnabar Isle
23 Dragon Rage Dragon Dragon attack Celadon
24 Thunderbolt Electric Electric attack Vermillion Gym
25 Thunder Electric Electric attack Power plant
26 Earthquake Ground Ground attack Saffron Silph Co Bldg
27 Fissure Ground % of killing enemy Viridian Gym
28 Dig Ground Goes off screen Ground attack Cerulean City
29 Psychic Psychic Psychic attack lowers Special Saffron
30 Teleport Psychic Flees from combat Route 9
31 Mimic Psychic Transforms Saffron
32 Double Team Normal Creates two images Celadon mart, 1k
33 Reflect Normal Increase Armor Celadon mart, 1k
34 Bide Normal See Counter Pewter Gym
35 Metronome Normal Random attack Cinnabar Isle
36 Selfdestruct Normal Kills self, does damage Saffron Silph Co Bldg
37 Egg Bomb Grass Grass attack Celadon mart, 2k
38 Fire Blast Fire Fire attack Cinnabar Gym
39 Swift Normal Normal attack, always hits Route 12
40 Skull Bash Normal Charged attack Safari Zone
41 Softboiled Plant Transfers HP to another Pokemon Celadon City
42 Dream Eater Psychic Drains life if sleeping Viridian City
43 Sky Attack Flying Flying attack Victory Road
44 Rest Normal Recovers hp/status in sleep SS Anne
45 Thunder wave Electric Paralyze Route 24
46 Psywave Psychic Paralyze Saffron Gym
47 Explosion Rock See Selfdestruct Victory Road
48 Rock Slide Rock Rock attack Celadon mart
49 Tri Attack Normal 3x Normal attack Celadon mart
50 Substitute Normal ??? Game Corner
No. TM Type Comments Location