Opera userjs, user CSS, and buttons you can use.

Hands-off auto-scrolling

Download autoscroller.js This script is an interface to the Opera browser to allow hands-off auto-scrolling, and may be used in conjunction with mouse gestures, key shortcut, or toolbar buttons. Mouse and keyboard command to start or stop scrolling would look like this: Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startOrStopScroll(); A button for your toolbar would like this: Button4, "Scroll"="Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll_startOrStopScroll();", , , "Get mail" + Show popup menu, "Autoscroll Menu"" (Get mail icon has the down arrow, but you can omit that part.) OR click here to download the button The following menu lets you set the scrolling speed. Add this menu to your menu.ini file. [Autoscroll Menu] Item, Fastest = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(0);"" Item, Faster = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(1);"" Item, Fast = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(2);"" Item, Medium = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(3);"" Item, Slow = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(4);"" Item, Slower = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(5);"" Item, Slowest = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.startScroll(6);"" Item, Stop = "Go to page, "javascript:Y4_Auto$croll.stopScroll();"" You can also use double-click to control the scrolling. Within the script is an array to which you can add sites where you want double-click to work with scrolling. Look for this line in autoscroller.js: var dblClickSites = new Array( Instructions are just above that line.


link2video script Turns URLs to embedded videos.

YouTube Loop Redirect

Redirect video to max windowed that loops. Buttons for either single video or playlist. ytloopredirect.user.js

Disable OnBeforeUnload

Prevent tabs from asking if you want to leave the page. Firefox mainly. no_onbeforeunload.user.js Last updated July 14, 2014