What Color Are You?

My color is White. I value law, order, community, and light. I love to protect the social order and the rule of law. At my best, I am just adn protective. At my worst, I am authoritarian and dogmatic. My symbol is a sunburst. My enemies are black and red.Angel of Mercy

My color is Blue. I value knowledge, logic, and deceit. I love to pursue wisdom, but also to manipulate and decieve. At my best, I am brilliant and progressive. At my worst, I am treacherous and cold. My symbol is a water droplet. My enemies are Green and Red.Fact or Fiction

My color is Black. I value power, ambition, and darkness. I love power at any cost and am a corrupting influence on those around me. At my best, I am resourceful and unashamed. At my worst, I am parasitic and amoral. My symbol is a skull. My enemies are white and green.Revenant

My color is Red. I value freedom, impulse, emotion, and fire. I love instant gratification and acting on my gut feeling. At my best, I am passionate and decisive. At my worst, I am shortsighted and destructive. My symbol is a fireball. My enemies are white and blue.Shivan Dragon

My color is Green. I value growth, life, adaptation, and nature. I love to hunt, mate, kill, and eat -- to me, that's all there is. At my best, I am instinctual and unpretentious. At my worst, I am vicious and unthinking. My symbol is a tree. My enemies are blue and black.Eternal Witness