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Yet another message board. This one uses Simple Machines Forum (SMF). It came with the web host, so I'm just trying it out, but it is very extensible. Already, I have added BBC tags to allow autocarding (see below) and eventually more tags to come.

Autocard: Opera extension and userScript

Autocard script that lets you lets you view a card's image when you mouseover a link in Magic-related forums and websites. Works in Opera as userscript and with Greasemonkey.

Install Autocard extension for Opera 11+

Card Creator

Create custom cards.

Planeswalkers Comic

Reformatted for scrolling. These are WotC online comics, but the page is organized so that you don't have to press buttons to get to the next page. All images copyright Wizards of the Coast.

What color are you?

What (Magic) color are you? White, Blue, Black, Red, or Green. (Featuring illustrations by Terese Nielsen and Melissa Benson.)

MTGImage: Widget for Opera

Download Widget