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XANTHAVERSE WARRIORS Lore In 2047, six dominant lifeforms coexist in the galaxy. Every 3 years, they send out their best warriors to fight in a battle to death. The last one standing receives tithes for his kingdom from the other lifeforms for the next 3 years. Meta
  • 2 players using the basic setup. Up to 4 additional players who bring their own coins.
  • 10 minutes game time for 2 players
  • Eliminate all other warriors.
Game Pieces
  • 6 Warrior cards
  • 8 coins
  • 4 six-sided dice
Setup Each player chooses a Warrior card, which displays three stats in order: Speed, Aim, Power. A Warrior's starting health is equal to the sum of these three stats. Players get coins and arrange them, where heads are worth 2 health and tails 1 health. When a Warrior loses or gains health, flip, remove, or add coins as necessary so their values match the new health. Fighting Rounds At the beginning of each round, Warriors vie for initiative. Certain skills must be declared at this time. Apply effects from those skills. Each player rolls for initiative with Sd6, where S is the warrior's Speed. Highest roll goes first in descending order. Each active player does the following:
  1. If active player didn't declare a skill during the roll for initiative, he chooses one of his warrior's skills targeting a defending warrior and applies any effects.
  2. Both players roll Ad6, where A are their warriors' Aim. The attack succeeds if attacker's roll is higher.
  3. If successful attack, both players roll Pd6, where P are their warriors' Power. Damage dealt is equal to attacker's roll minus defender's roll. Defending warrior loses this much health. Ignore if damage is 0 or less.